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Let's talk about how you can easily get what you want, wherever you are around the world, with the credit cards from UniCredit Consumer Financing.


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Use the Euronet Romania ATMs for cash withdrawal. Now with the same financial conditions as UniCredit Bank ATMs.


SME Business Packages

Now you can easily control your business expenses! The right current account packages for your business offer you the banking products and services you need.


Loans should solve your issues, not create new ones. We can provide you a quick and easy loan that fits you like a glove, depending on your revenue, the desired loan currency and the most convenient interest rate.

Mortgage loans
Our mortgages are flexible, adapted to your income and they are quickly approved. See the advantages!
Personal Achievements loans
We can help you with a quick, convenient and flexible loan for anything that’s on your mind! Calculate your interest rate!
Tired of juggling several burdensome loans? We’ll get rid of your worries and of further spending!
Credit cards
Save money while purchasing anything you want, within substantial limits and with 2% return on your purchases!


Some relationships are complicated, we know. This is why we want to make sure that the relationship with your bank is not one of them. The solutions offered by UniCredit Bank are simple, safe, easy to understand and to use and, at the same time, adjustable to your requirements.

Debit cards
The debit card is the easiest and fastest way to use the money in your account, anytime, anywhere
Aside from the free benefits, you can create the perfect mix, at the best price.
Remote channels
We are by your side whenever you need us, wherever you are. Our banking services are always there for you
Other services
We offer to you money transfer solutions and safe boxes.

Saving & Investing

It’s time to think about your future. Approach your consultant regarding the savings options that suit you best.

Term deposits
Term deposits are the easiest way to make money work for you and not the other way around.
Savings accounts
With your savings account you combine the flexibility of a current account with the higher interest rate of a deposit.
Investment funds
Invest in your future by choosing to subscribe to investment funds distributed by our bank.
Life insurances
We offer you two life insurances, one to help you invest and one to protect you in case of unexpected situations

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It's time to fulfill all the plans that you have made.
We are here to support you!

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