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The decision and process of buying a new home may seem complicated at first. That's why we prepared a section to guide you through this journey

Work is work,

life is life

Green Mortgage

When work moves home, find the right house and come get your Green Mortgage starting with 4,29% interest per year!


extra salary

The card payments marathon.

Shop and pay with your Visa debit card
from UniCredit Bank and you can win
an additional 1-year salary of 1.000 EUR*/month.

His first step

towards adulthood.

GeniusCont and Saving Account for kids.

Your child’s road to adulthood starts with the GeniusCont Junior current account and Junior Saving Account.

Now it’s simpler

to transfer money to my account.

Add money

With just one button you can transfer money simply and fast to your UniCredit Bank account

I hate

to miss opportunities


You can halve your current installment by refinancing the loans from other financial institutions for a period of up to 10 years.

I want to take

every opportunity


With fixed interest rate starting from 5,99% per year, for you not to miss any opportunity


that is 2021 about

Everything you need to digitize your business

GeniusIMM package at 39 Lei/month with 3 digital certificates included and many other benefits

I choose to be

 the expert of my money


Use Mobile Banking app and manage your finances whenever and wherever you are!

UniCredit measures

regarding COVID-19

Updated information for Clients, Employees and Communities

It's good to know

Happy Hour

Foreign exchange conversion LEI-EUR or LEI-USD through Mobile or Online Banking, at the exchange rate published by NBR


EUR withdrawal

Consult the list of terminals from UniCredit network, where you can withdraw cash in EUR