Which are my benefits?

Save money 

Authentication through Mobile Token is FREE and transfer fees cost 75% less than they would have in a branch.

Save time

Forget about standing in lines so you can pay your bills and forget about wasting time in traffic so you reach the branch when they’ve just closed.

Manage the budget

You know exactly where your money goes and you understand better why your expenses fluctuate monthly.

Create goals

Turn your dreams into reality, clear objectives and cleverly distribute the money in your savings accounts.

How do I log in into Online Banking?

Use ro.unicreditbanking.eu to log in with your username and the security code generated by the Mobile Token or Digipass, according to the chosen authentification method. You only need a device (laptop, PC, tablet, phone) with Internet access and a compatible browser.

If you forgot your authentification details for Online Banking, give us a call at *2020 (normal toll line for the mobile networks: Orange, RCS&RDS, Telekom Romania, Vodafone), available 24/7. We’re always here.

What can I do with the app?

  • PAY utility bills, taxes and fines in the Treasury accounts
  • TRANSFER money in different currencies
  • ACTIVATE, modify and disable standing orders
  • SET direct debit mandates for automatic payment of bills (telephony, electricity, gas, cable TV and many more).
  • EXCHANGE currencies
  • OPEN (and close) saving accounts (opening interests are higher online than in branch)
  • SEE all your account transactions
  • PRINT any document related to your payments
  • SETUP email notifications (for transactions, balance, deposits, login)
  • MANAGE expenses and savings
  • APPLY for new products

How safe is to use the application?

  • You gain access and can authorize payments only with the help of a security code generated by the Digipass device or Mobile Token app
  • You must confirm the chosen security picture when you access Online Banking from a new device
  • You cannot use the same security code for access and authorization of a payment
  • Security codes are valid for only 30 seconds after they’ve been generated
  • You are the only one who knows the PIN code needed to use the Digipass device or the Mobile Token app

For advanced users:Information transmission between UniCredit Bank and Online banking is made possible using secure https technology and an encryption key running on 256 bits

What is Mobile Token and how do I activate it?

Mobile Token is the simplest and safest method to access Online Banking and approve transactions.

It`s totally FREE of administration charges.

Mobile Token comes together with Mobile Banking app and you can download it from the App-store of your phone. In order to activate it, you have to:

  1. Download the app and select the Activate Mobile Token tab

  2. Fill in the Username field with the one you got from us and insert the configuration code made up of 16 digits, that you'll receive through SMS, available for 72 hours.

  3. Choose your PIN code (between 6 and 15 numeric nonconsecutive characters), you validate and confirm activation. The app will generate a picture associated with your PIN code and it will be shown to you every time you correctly insert the PIN code.

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