Mutual funds join the monetary possibilities of more investors and change them to capital market investments. They provide investors with access to a diverse portfolio of financial tools with which they can invest and are otherwise very difficult to develop because of the very high purchase costs and the different behavior of each financial instrument.


The main advantages of the investment in mutual funds are:


  • Liquidity – the fund units can be purchased or redeemed at any time;
  • Advantageous – investment-related costs are smaller as compared to those linked with the direct investment in individual financial instruments from the fund asset portfolio; the mutual fund can be paid by transactional fees lower than individual investors. These reduced costs translate in investment performances;
  • Equality of rights and obligations in relation to the other investors, as well as an organized administration of assets and administration transparency.



We are pleased to introduce you to the RITM Investment Plan, specially created to support your steps towards granted wishes. RITM is an investment plan that allows you to invest regularly in local and international fund units by automatically debiting the current account.

To follow the RITM Investment Plan is:

Easy and disciplined

you only need to set a minimum amount of money dedicated to periodic investment in your favorite fund or funds;


the minimum amount for periodical subscriptions is 50 lei for each denominated fund in lei, and 20 euro / 20 dollars for each denominated fund in euro or dollars;


it can adapt to your needs at any time.

Because you choose

  • the fund or funds you wish to invest accordingly to your investor profile;
  • the amount you want to invest periodically;
  • the start date and the cease date of the periodic investments;
  • the frequency with which you want to invest periodically, minimum 1 month - maximum 6 months.
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