Discover the ShopSmart cashback program offered by UniCredit and enjoy great shopping offers.

Remember the shopping list that you do at the beginning of every month? That list which you never get to tick completely, because new things are always adding on.

From now on, you can buy all of those things on the list!

How? Through the ShopSmart program in Mobile Banking app. With ShopSmart from UniCredit, you get offers at your favorite brands, and you can collect cashback or loyalty points for every purchase with a UniCredit card*.

Check out the ShopSmart terms and conditions here.


What is the first step you need to take?

Enter the ShopSmart cashback program directly from your Mobile Banking app. To do this, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. You can update it right now:

Descarca din Google Play Mobile Banking UniCredit Bank
Descarca din App Store Mobile Banking UniCredit Bank


Now that everything is set, find out how the ShopSmart cashback program works

1. Click on the "Offers" button and access the ShopSmart menu.

2. Accept the program conditions and the GDPR note and click on the "Next" button.

3. Confirm the activation by pressing the "Got it" button.

4. Use the UniCredit* card to pay for purchases


You get cashback or loyalty points in your account ** for each purchase you make.





You are not a UniCredit Bank customer, but want to take advantage of ShopSmart?



Enter Mobile Banking now, access ShopSmart program and discover the variety of brands and offers!




What is ShopSmart?
How do I activate ShopSmart?
What do I need to do to enjoy ShopSmart's offers?
How much does the ShopSmart program cost?
Who can use ShopSmart?
Is it possible to activate more offers?
How long before buying, I must activate offers?
What happens if I activate an offer but don't use it?
Where can I find all the terms and conditions of an offer?
When will I receive the cashback in the account?
In which account will my cashback be paid?
Can I also benefit from the ShopSmart Cashback program if I have a credit card?
What offers can be used by accessing a link, and how can they be used?

* You must be over 18 years old, have a current account in RON, EUR, USD or GBP opened with UniCredit Bank and a principal debit/credit card issued by the bank or have a primary credit card issued by UniCredit Consumer Financing.

You can also participate in the ShopSmart cash program if you are the owner of a Menu Card issued by UniCredit Bank and you have a current account in Lei opened at the bank.

** You acquire cashback in your account, if you use a UniCredit Bank debit or credit card or Menu Card, or loyalty points, if you use a Principal, Premium or Partner UniCreditCard credit card.

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