When you open a savings account with UniCredit Bank, in LEI, EURO, USD, you receive the flexibility of a current account and the advantage of saving with more convenient interest rates. You can transfer money from your current account into your savings account if you want to save and vice versa at any time. Thus, you won’t lose the interest calculated until you withdraw your money from your savings account.



  • 0 FEES: Your savings account can be funded any time and is not subjected to activation, administration, or closing fees;
  • FLEXIBLE: You have permanent access to your money. You can withdraw or deposit cash anytime you want from your account. You can also transfer money from your savings account into your current account so that you can cover current expenses.
  • PROFITABLE: The bank provides you a convenient interest rate for each type of currency (LEI, EUR, USD).

What interest do I receive?

Interest rate (% / year)
0,40 0,10 0,20

The interest will be calculated in relation to the daily balance of the savings account and will be transferred into your current account each month or capitalized in the savings account based off whichever option you choose.


Revenues representing interests resulting from savings instruments are subject to the following tax scheme : 

  • 10% for interest rates paid by resident private individuals;
  • 16% for interest rates paid by non-resident private individuals and legal entities.
  • A rate stipulated by the convention of avoidance of double taxation that Romania concluded with other states, when a non-resident client presents a valid certificate of fiscal residence for the year of payment.


UniCredit Bank savings accounts are guaranteed through the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the banking system. The guarantee maximum limit is the lei equivalent of 100,000 euros per depositor, per bank.

Children take the first step in managing their finances together with their parents.

They will gain confidence in their own financial decisions and they will prepare for the moment when they will have the freedom to decide how they will manage their financial resources.

Ensure your child a bright future by saving for him.

We help you efficiently manage the money dedicated to your child’s current and future needs with the Junior Savings Account. Is available in LEI, EURO or USD and specifically designed to collect large sums through small and constant deposits. When your child turns 18, the small amounts deposited over the years, combined with an attractive interest rate, will ensure that they have adequate financial support.



  • 0 FEES: The savings account can be funded at any time and is not subjected to any opening, managing, or closing fees. You can also have the bank automatically transfer amounts from your current account into the Junior savings account at no additional cost.
  • FLEXIBLE: You have permanent access to the deposited money. You can withdraw money from the account at any time.
  • PROFITABLE: The bank offers you an advantageous interest rate for each type of currency (LEI, EUR, USD).

Interest rates:

Interest rate (% / year)
1,30 0,30 0,30
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