Please be advised that UniCredit Bank NEVER requests confidential information by e-mail, electronic forms or other means of Internet communication, related to either your personal accounts or the accounts of the company you represent in relation to the bank, or card numbers, PIN, or user IDs or security codes used in electronic payment applications.


If you receive any type of electronic message requesting such information:

  • DO NOT ANSWER the message (e-mails, SMS)
  • DO NOT ACCESS any of the links mentioned in the message
  • DO NOT GIVE OUT, under any circumstances, your access password, PIN or any other requested information
  • URGENTLY CALL +40 21 200 2020 and inform us about the content of the received message or e-mail the message to


Malware Warning!

In case you have received or you will receive an e-mail or SMS attributed to UniCredit Bank, with a subject such as "Warning / Invoice / Transfer of payment ..." or similar - please check carefully the content and the sender (From: field from the e-mail header) and delete these messages if they do not come from UniCredit, without opening attachments or links. These can affect (infect / virus) your computer or mobile device.

UniCredit Bank does not send such information to its clients, does not urgently request to authenticate or re-verify your account or card, nor does it request payment of invoices or any other services provided in this way.

For any questions you can find us available 24/7 at Info Center - phone +40 21 200 2020 (regular fee in Telekom Romania landline) or * 2020 (regular fee in Orange, RCS&RDS, Telekom Romania and Vodafone mobile networks). Thank you!

The UniCredit Bank team

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