The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Bank’s top priority. Although we are in the context of the state of alert at National level, we guarantee the same level of safety in our activity and we ensures the optimal processing of all operational requests.

In light of the state of emergency over Covid-19 outbreak in Romania, UniCredit Bank took measures to guarantee a national coverage for its banking services, while at the same time protecting the health of both clients and employees.


Branch Working Hours


17th of August: Arges Pitesti Branch (I.C.Bratianu street, no.26) is reopened and has a normal program (9.00-13;13:30-17.00).

24th of July: Arges Pitesti Branch (I.C.Bratianu street, no.26) will be temporary closed.

15th of June: Starting today the branches that had reduced program will come back to normal working hours 9.00:13.00; 13.30-17.00

15th of May: Caraiman Targoviste (Independentei Boulevard, no. 15A) and Malu Rosu Ploiesti (Malu Rosu street, no. 101-103, bl. 117, sc.A-B) branches will have the following working hours: 10:00-13:00; 13:30-16:00.

15th of May: Suceava Branch (George Enescu Boulevard, No.40, Bl. 93A, Tronson 1, ground-floor) will be functional again starting with 18th of May and will have the normal program: 9:00-13:00; 13.30-17:00.   

15th of May:Curtea Domneasca Suceava branch (Stefan cel Mare street, no.17, Bl.32, sc. A+B) will be back to the normal program: 9:00-13:00; 13.30-17:00.

21st of April: Targoviste Branch (Libertatii Bvd, no.106, bl.D1, ground-floor) will have the following working hours: 10:00 – 13:00; 13:30-16:00.

16th of April: Targu-Jiu Branch (Victoria street, no. 52, ground-floor) will have the following working hours: 10:00 – 13:00; 13:30-16:00.

8th of April: Starting today, the program for receiving correspondence related to the garnishments and addresses received from the State Authorities is temporarily modified. We are waiting for you between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, every banking day.

6th of April: Fortuna Pitesti branch (Exercitiu Street, No.17D, ground-floor) will have the following working hours: 10:00 – 13:00; 13:30-16:00.

2nd of April: Curtea Domneasca Suceava branch (Stefan cel Mare street, no.17, Bl.32, sc. A+B) will have the following working hours: 10:00 – 13:00; 13:30-16:00. Suceava Branch (George Enescu boulevard, No.40, Bl. 93A, Tronson 1, ground-floor) will be temporary closed.

25th of March: In the context of the Military Ordinance no. 2 regarding the measures to prevent the Covid-19 spread in shopping centers, UniCredit Bank decided to temporary close Iulius Mall Suceava branch, to protect the health of our clients and employees.

23rd of March: until 17th of April 2020, in some of the UniCredit Bank branches the working hours will be modified as followed: 10:00-16:00 (maintaining the lunch break between 13:00-13:30), while the rest of the branches will continue their activity as per the usual schedule.

Check the updates for our branches working hours
Alba Iulia Sucursala Alba Iulia B-dul Tudor Vladimirescu,bloc V2C, P+E L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Alexandria Sucursala Alexandria Str Dunarii-Bucuresti, bl. BM4 -BM8, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Arad Sucursala Avram Iancu Arad P-ta Avram Iancu, nr. 13, bloc Corp A L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Arad Sucursala Arad Str. Mircea Stanescu, nr. 2, ap.1a,1b L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bacau Sucursala Energiei Bacau Str. Energiei, nr. 25 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bacau Sucursala Nicolae Balcescu Bacau Bd. Nicolae Balcescu, nr. 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Baia Mare Sucursala Baia Mare Bd. Bucuresti, nr.3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Baia Mare Sucursala Gheorghe Sincai Baia Mare Str. Gheorghe Sincai, nr. 23, ap. 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Barlad Sucursala Barlad B-dul Republicii nr 200, parter si et.1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bistrita Sucursala Odobescu Bistrita Str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 16,parter si mezanin L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Botosani Sucursala Botosani Calea Nationala  nr. 68, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Braila Sucursala Traian Braila Piata Traian, Nr. 18-22, Bloc B6, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Braila Sucursala Braila Calea Calarasilor, nr. 15 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Sucursala Brasov Retail Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu, nr. 15 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Sucursala Kronstadt Brasov Calea Bucuresti nr.102,parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Sucursala Piata Sfatului Brasov Str. Muresenilor, nr. 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Sucursala Grivitei Brasov Bd. Grivitei, nr. 67 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Sucursala Racadau Brasov Bd. Muncii nr 4, bl E19, sc B, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Brasov Punct Vanzare Tractorul Brasov Strada Oltet nr 31-33,Bl 306 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Doamna Ghica Bucuresti str. D-na Ghica, nr. 6, bl. 3, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Charles De Gaulle Bucuresti Piata  Charles de Gaulle nr 15, Parter + et1 sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Magheru Bucuresti Bdul. Gheorghe Magheru nr. 24, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Dimitrie Pompei Bucuresti Blvd. Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 6E, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Rosetti Bucuresti Retail Str. C.A. Rosetti nr 36, sect 2. L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Lipscani Bucuresti Str. Lipscani nr 102, sector 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Agentia Traian Bucuresti Str. Traian, nr.248,sect.2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Unirea Bucuresti Piata Unirii, Nr. 1, Magazin Unirea - Aripa Splai, Parter, sector 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Aviatiei Bucuresti Sos. Pipera nr.35,  bl.5B, parter, sect. 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Carol Bucuresti Bd. Carol  I nr. 65, bl 2 bis, sect 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Punct Vanzare Crangasi Bucuresti Calea Crangasi, nr.16,bl.41,parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Herastrau Bucuresti Str. Ghetarilor, nr. 23-25, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Domenii Bucuresti B-dul  Ion Mihalache nr. 70-82, bl 45, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Millennium Bucuresti Calea Victoriei nr. 88, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Piata Presei Libere Bucuresti Bulevardul Expozitiei nr. 1F, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Nicolae Titulescu Bucuresti B-dul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 1, Bloc A7, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Stefan cel Mare Sos Stefan cel Mare nr.17 sector 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Agentia Mihai Bravu Bucuresti Sos Mihai Bravu,nr.204, bl.S105,sector 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Agentia Pantelimon Bucuresti Sos.Pantelimon,nr.350,bloc 4, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Berceni Bucuresti Bd. Alexandru Obregia nr. 35, bl. 35,  sect 4   L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Alba-Iulia Bucuresti B-dul Unirii nr 80, bl J1, Tronson 1, sect 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Dristorului Bucuresti Calea Dristorului nr.121A L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Izvor Bucuresti B-dul Libertatii nr. 20, bl 3, tronson I-II, sect 5 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Nicolae Grigorescu Bucuresti B-dul Theodor Pallady, nr. 2, bl. M2A, parter, sect 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Agentia Norilor Bucuresti Str. Constantin Radulescu Motru, nr.13,sector 4 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Oltenitei Bucuresti Sos. Oltenitei, nr. 254, bl. 151, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Marasesti Bucuresti Splaiul Unirii, Nr. 16, Sector 4 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Panduri Bucuresti Retail Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 123, Bl 127, sect 5 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Drumul Taberei Bucuresti Str. Drumul Taberei nr. 82, bl. C16, sect 6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Iuliu Maniu Bucuresti B-dul Iuliu Maniu nr.59, bl. 10 A, parter, Sector 6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Militari Bucuresti B-dul Iuliu Maniu nr.190, bl.C1, parter, spatiul comercial Nr. 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Orizont Bucuresti B-dul Drumul Taberei nr. 18, sect 6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Bucuresti Sucursala Grigore Mora Bucuresti, Str. Ghetarilor  nr 23-25, sect 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Buzau Sucursala Buzau Str. Nicolae Balcescu nr. 18 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Buzau Sucursala Obor Buzau Retail Str Obor, nr 3-5 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Calafat Agentia Calafat Str. A.I.Cuza, nr.16,bl.6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Calarasi Sucursala Calarasi Str. Prelungirea Bucuresti, nr. 6, bl. N1,scara 2, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Campina Sucursala Campina Bd. Carol I, nr. 4-6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Caracal Sucursala Caracal Calea Bucuresti nr. 22, bl A1, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Carei Sucursala Carei Str. Mihai Viteazu I, nr.MV 27,parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Cluj Napoca Sucursala Cluj Napoca Retail B-dul Constantin Brancuşi nr. 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Cluj Napoca Sucursala Manastur Cluj Napoca Str. Bucegi nr. 11 A,bloc B1, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Cluj Napoca Sucursala Marasti Cluj Napoca Str. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 3, bl. R2, ap. 292a, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Cluj Napoca Sucursala Matei Corvin Cluj Napoca Piata Unirii, nr. 10 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Ovidius Constanta Str. Stefan cel Mare, nr. 32-34 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Constanta Retail Bd. Mamaia nr. 243-245, demisol, parter,et.1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala I.C. Bratianu Constanta Bd. I.C. Bratianu nr. 96, Bl. SR5, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Piata Farului Constanta Str. Caraiman, Nr. 1-4, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Dacia Constanta Bd. Alexandru Lapusneanul nr. 115,(spatiul comercial nr.157B) bl. AL3 , parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Tomis Constanta Bdul Tomis nr 132 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Constanta Sucursala Mircea cel Batran Constanta Str. Mircea cel Batran, nr. 152bis (parter si mezanin) L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Craiova Sucursala Calea Bucuresti Craiova Calea Bucureşti nr. 22, bl. M18A, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Craiova Sucursala Craiovita Craiova B-dul Oltenia, bloc 3, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Craiova Sucursala Cetatea Baniei Craiova Calea Bucuresti, Bl. N2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Craiova Sucursala Oltenia Craiova Str. Madona Dudu nr 3, bloc 1-3-5 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Craiova Sucursala Dolj Craiova Craiova, Calea Unirii nr.4, Jud. Dolj L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Curtea de Arges Sucursala Curtea de Arges Basarabilor Blvd, Bl. F11A, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Deva Sucursala Deva Bdul. Decebal Bloc F, Scarile A-B, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Drobeta-Turnu Severin Sucursala Drobeta-Turnu Severin Str. Unirii nr.82, bl. C1, sc. 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Focsani Sucursala Vrancea Focsani Retail Str. Republicii nr.92 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Focsani Sucursala Focsani Bd. Garii nr 11 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Galati Sucursala Dunarea Galati Str. Tecuci, corp adiacent Bl. V5, Etaj 1+P L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Galati Sucursala Micro 19 Galati Str. Brailei, Nr. 234, Bloc E5, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Galati Sucursala Brates Galati Blvd. George Cosbuc nr 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Giurgiu Sucursala Giurgiu Piata Unirii, bl. T120,P+E L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Iasi Sucursala Stefan cel Mare Iasi Bd. Independentei nr. 26, Bl.Y3-Y4 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Iasi Sucursala Iasi Retail Str. Anastasie Panu nr. 23 Bl. Muntenia si Bl. 7 Noiembrie L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Iasi Sucursala Pacurari Iasi Str. Pacurari, Nr. 129-131, Bl. 601, scara B, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Iasi Sucursala Pod Ros Iasi Bd. Socola nr 2, bl F, sc E, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Iasi Sucursala Palas Iasi Strada Palas nr. 7B, cladirea C1, parter, sp. Comercial AC2-41 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Lugoj Sucursala Lugoj Str. 20 Decembrie 1989, nr. 33 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Mangalia Sucursala Mangalia Str. Constantei, nr. 28, bl PY1, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Medias Sucursala Medias Str.  I.C.Bratianu, nr. 3 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Miercurea Ciuc Sucursala Miercurea-Ciuc P-ta Libertatii nr. 15 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Mioveni Sucursala Mioveni Bdul Dacia , bl P8, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Moinesti Sucursala Moinesti Str.Tudor Vladimirescu, Bloc Select 2, Scara A, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Motru Sucursala Motru Str. Trandafirilor nr. 3, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Odorheiu Secuiesc Sucursala Odorheiu Secuiesc Str. Rakoczi Ferenc, nr. 9 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Oradea Sucursala Oradea Str. Gen. Magheru nr.2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Oradea Sucursala Ulpianum Oradea Bld.Dacia, Nr. 54, Bl. U54, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Oradea Sucursala Mihai Viteazu Oradea Retail str .Nufarului, nr.28 E L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Petrosani Sucursala Petrosani Str. 1 Decembrie 1918, Bl. 99, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Piatra Neamt Sucursala Piatra Neamt Bdul. Traian, bl. S1, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Pitesti Sucursala Arges Pitesti Retail Str. I.C. Brătianu, nr. 26 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Pitesti Sucursala Fortuna Pitesti Str. Exercitiu, Nr. 17D, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Pitesti Sucursala Pitesti Str. Fratii Golesti,  nr. 21-23 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ploiesti Sucursala Emille Zolla Ploiesti Str. Emille Zolla – Turn halele centrale, nr. 8 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ploiesti Sucursala Aurora Ploiesti Str. Baraolt nr 3A, sc D, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ploiesti Sucursala Malu Rosu Ploiesti Str. Malu Rosu nr. 101-103, bl. 117, sc A-B L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ploiesti Sucursala Nichita Stanescu Ploiesti P-ta Victoriei, Nr. 3-5 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ploiesti Sucursala Ploiesti Ploiesti, str Golesti, nr 25, parter, jud Prahova L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Radauti Sucursala Radauti Str. Piata Unirii nr 67, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ramnicu Valcea Sucursala Ostroveni Ramnicu Valcea Bld. Tineretului, Nr. 6-8, complex Hermes, Bl. B3, parter  L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Ramnicu Valcea Sucursala Ramnicu Valcea Str. General Praporgescu, nr. 17 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Reghin Sucursala Reghin Str. Mihai Viteazul, Nr. 11 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Roman Sucursala Roman B-dul Roman Musat, Bloc 33, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Satu Mare Sucursala Somes Satu Mare Str. Piata Romana, bl. D8, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sebes Sucursala Sebes P-ta Primariei, Nr. 5, Parter  L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sfantu Gheorghe Sucursala Sfantu Gheorghe Str. Grof Miko Imre, nr. 6  L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sibiu Sucursala Continental Sibiu Calea Dumbravii nr. 24 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sibiu Sucursala Sibiu Bdul Emil Cioran nr. 6 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sibiu Sucursala Brukental Sibiu B-dul Nicolae Balcescu nr 25 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sighetu Marmatiei Sucursala Sighetu Marmatiei Piata 1 Decembrie 1918, bl L3, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Sighisoara Sucursala Sighisoara Piata Herman Oberth, Nr.30 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Slatina Sucursala Slatina Str. Primaverii, nr. 6A L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Slobozia Sucursala Slobozia Bdul. Matei Basarab, Bl. A1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Suceava Sucursala Curtea Domneasca Suceava Str. Stefan cel Mare, nr 17, bl 32, sc A+B L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Suceava Sucursala Iulius Mall Suceava Calea Unirii nr 22,parter,aria nr P46 L-V:10:00- 13:00; 13:30- 18:00
Suceava Sucursala Suceava Bd. George Enescu, Nr. 40, Bl. 93A, Tronson 1, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targoviste Sucursala Caraiman Targoviste B-dul Independentei, nr. 15A L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targoviste Sucursala Targoviste Bdul. Libertatii nr. 106, bl. D1, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targu Jiu Sucursala Jiul Targu Jiu Str Victoriei, bl 223, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targu Jiu Sucursala Targu Jiu Str. Victoria, bl. 52, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targu Mures Sucursala Targu Mures Piaţa Trandafirilor nr. 44 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Targu Mures Sucursala Opal Targu Mures Bd. 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 255, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Tecuci Sucursala Tecuci Str. Gheorghe Petrascu, Nr. 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Timisoara Timisoara, Piata Consiliul Europei nr. 2E, bl. U3, et. 1, jud. Timis L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Iuliu Maniu Timisoara Bdul. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 1 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Matei Basarab Timisoara Bd. Cetatii, Nr. 79, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Nicolae Balcescu Timisoara P-ta Nicolae Balcescu, Nr.5, Etaj Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Calea Lipovei Timisoara Calea Sever Bocu, Nr. 45, Bloc 36 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Timisoara Sucursala Piata Operei Timisoara Piata Victoriei nr 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Tulcea  Sucursala Delta Tulcea Str. Frasinului nr 4, bl 4, sc B, parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Tulcea  Sucursala Tulcea Str. Unirii nr 2 L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Vaslui Sucursala Vaslui Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 115, Parter L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00
Zalau Sucursala Zalau Bdul Mihai Viteazul, nr. 7, bl. D L-V:9.00-13.00;13:30-17.00

Other support measures for clients

Contact us at 021 200 20 80 and find out how UniCredit Bank can assist you in this times, when all of us concentrate only on things that matter.


UniCredit is working actively to ensure essential banking services are available through remote channels. Our clients can retrieve all relevant information on products and services and perform all main banking activities in a simple, fast and secure way through multiple remote channels including: Mobile and Online Banking, for individuals, Business Mobile and BusinessNet for companies.


Protection measures when you visit us in one of our branches

Following closely the authorities’ recommendations and, at the same time, the safety standards established within UniCredit Group at a Pan-European level, we have adjusted the recommendations and rules related to the interaction with the bank, that we kindly ask you to respect when you go to one of our branches:

Enter our branches only if it is not crowded. If more than 3-5 people are inside, we will kindly ask you to wait at the entrance. Please follow our staff instructions.


When entering the branch, as well as during your presence at the location, you must wear a protective mask.

Inside the branch, but also when you wait outside for entering, keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters from other people around you. Please keep the same rules regarding the safety distance in the area with non-stop access, where ATM and BNA terminals are available. Operations can only be performed by one person at each terminal.


Upon entering the branch, a UniCredit Bank employee will measure your body temperature and the access to the location is allowed only if the temperature does not exceed 37.3ºC. We use adequate means to measure the temperature, without body contact, and UniCredit Bank does not store the results in any way. Find here details on the processing of personal data.

Limit as much as possible using cash. Pay contactless or with your phone as much as you can.

We kindly ask you to follow closely the recommendations of the authorities regarding preventing the infection with Coronavirus (Covid-19).

UniCredit has adapted its flexible working policy to support employees, whilst guaranteeing business continuity for its customers. We encourage colleagues to rely on alternative work solutions such as remote working – where possible – for those who work in headquarters and main buildings located in towns where public institutions have announced closures.

We are working hard to increase remote working options. In alternative, managers can approve paid leave (for example, if remote working is not possible and / or the colleague has childcare issues – for dependents under 18 – because schools are closed).

Central offices remain open with reduced team sizes, for business critical functions only.

Given the current public health situation, the following Group-wide business travel restrictions have been put in place: 

•     travel ban from/to and within any country in Europe 

•     travel ban from/to and within Asia

We have also enforced restrictions in domestic travel, which is permitted only when business essential and with the explicit authorization of the employee’s line manager

For its entire branch network, UniCredit took measures to protect both employees and clients of the potential spread of Coronavirus:

•Reduced banking hours with the clients for a part of the branches;

•The distribution of kits to prevent contagion where necessary and the installation of plexiglass separator panels;

•UniCredit Bank kindly asks the clients that visit our branches to follow staff’s indications regarding branch access and safety rules, once inside (for example, to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from others);

•Protocols regarding safety and health were activated, maintaining at the same time a close monitoring over the evolution of the situation;

•The employees were advised to follow the recommendations announced by the local authorities;

•The continuous communication of the safety measures to employees.


 "One UniCredit" is the new digital platform where UniCredit employees can find relevant information.

UniCredit donates 120.000 EUR for the acquisition of mechanical ventilation devices for two hospitals in Bucharest and other medical needs


In the light of the national state of emergency generated by COVID-19 pandemic, UniCredit Bank will donate 120.000 euro to Zi de Bine Association, for the acquisition of two high-performance mechanical ventilation devices and other medical needs identified.


The two mechanical ventilation devices will be distributed by the association in two hospitals, depending on the needs and will be useful for the long term treatment of patients with acute respiratory failure. In addition, other medical needs generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as identified together with the hospitals, will be covered by the donation made by UniCredit Bank.


„In times like these, it is important to stay together acting for the things that really matter. We are facing a collective challenge and the health of people is the top priority we all have. We decided that the best way to address this urgent need is by supporting the medical system provide vital care for the most affected” declared Răsvan Radu, CEO UniCredit Bank.


This donation made by UniCredit Bank follows regional efforts - in Italy, the bank donated over 2 million euro for medical and protection equipment, research and patient care and in Germany, HypoVereinsbank has acquired two ventilators for hospitals in rural areas and supported nationwide active organizations with a total donation of EUR 100,000 for the purchase of respiratory masks, disinfectants and food for people in need.


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