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Starting with 2 March 2020,  3D Secure payments made online with your card will be authorized simpler and faster with Mobile Banking or Mobile Token applications (for active Online Banking service) if you are a private individual or Business Mobile/ Mobile Token* (for active Business Net service), if you are a legal entity.

*In case you are a legal entity, the application must be installed on the same mobile phone number that you currently receive the 3D Secure password.

How do you perform 3D Secure online payments when you are using the UniCredit Bank card?

  • if you have the option "push notification" on the phone, you will receive a message with the payment details and you will be directed to the application to authorize the transaction using the application's PIN code, fingerprint scanning or facial features, according to your mobile phone settings;
  • if you do not have the option "push notification", you will log in the application, where you will authorize the transaction using the application's PIN code, fingerprint scanning or facial features according to your mobile phone settings.

In the tutorials below you can see how you can authorize online card payments using the new method:

For Private Individuals:

For Legal Entities: 

If you do not have the applications Mobile Banking / Business Mobile or Mobile Token activated you will authorize the payment as before, by entering the 3D Secure password (which you will receive by SMS at the mobile phone number registered with the Bank).


Steps of online payments through 3D Secure Service using 3D Secure password

Choose the products and checkout


Enter the card info


Receive the 3D Secure password by SMS 

(the code is available for 10 min; in case it expires, you’ll have to redo the payment)

Enter the 3D Secure Password 

to approve and end the online transaction

What happens after 3 unsuccessful attempts to authorize online payment transactions through 3D Secure?
What happens in case of non 3D Secure online payments?
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Rules and usage conditions of the 3D Secure Service

Thank you for your trust and be assured that we’ll continue supporting your access to high standard products and services, in competitive conditions.

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