Are you looking

for your dream home?

Here are some questions to review, before picking your new home:

  • Are there any commercial facilities nearby?

  • The public transportation is suitable to your needs?

  • Are there any playgrounds for kids?

  • Or schools?

At least 4 things to consider when choosing a house:

The neighbours

Meet the superintendent of the building and see whether the neighbours like to keep the place clean or use to repair during silence hours.

The living conditions

Ask how often there are power, heating or water outages, and whether there are noisy neighbours around. 


Check when the last interventions/works on the installation systems or on the building were carried out and see whether repairs are often required for the elevator, roof, basement and others.


Think about the proximity to public transportation stations, stores, parks, schools and kindergartens and the distance to noisy traffic roads. 

How to pick the home of your dreams?


When picking a home, there are many parameters to consider. To that end, to help you during the selection process, please find below a list to help you better organise the information and evaluate easier your needs related to the new home.


Also, think about the purchase of your home itself

Please take note of the purchase expenses, too – notarial fees, broker fees, local taxes and others.

Estimate your personal budget – include here your monthly income and expenses.

Don’t underrate renovation! When you find the home of your dreams, perform a thorough examination and foresee all the related expenses. Check with your banking consultant with regard to the possibilities on the quantum of your house loan, in order to include these expenses, as well.


Ask for a loan preapproval from your bank prior to signing the promissory agreement with the seller and pay the advance.

Do some market research – check with your broker, the valuator of the building you’re your bank consultant. The amount of your loan depends on the market valuation.



Along the way, the seller of the property will need to provide the following documents:

  • Document of ownership for the property, to demonstrate how it came into the possession of the property to be sold;
  • Tax certificate to prove the up-to-date tax payment, obtained from the General Directorate of Local Taxes in whose territorial area of competence the building is located;
  • Cadastral documentation;
  • Extract of land register, obtained by the notary office directly from the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration;
  • Energy performance certificate – issued by an energy auditor for buildings, certified by the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration;
  • Certificate from the Owners Association.


Look for financing


Once you are certain you have found the home of your dreams, it is time to think about financing. In the following step, you can calculate the monthly payments or send us an application for more information regarding a home loan, and one of our consultants will contact you and will assist you during the process.

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