I am moving.

What remains to be done?

We know that moving into a new home is a celebration for the entire family, but there are still a few details to consider, before. 

Check the list below and make sure everything is in order. And then…open the champagne bottle.




Change all utility supply contracts on time, so that you do not owe additional amounts. You will find all the necessary information on the websites of individual suppliers. Prepare copies of the new property contract. For bill payments and control of your expenses, we recommend you Mobile Banking, with ZERO administration fees. It’s easy to make a payment through Mobile Banking and you can also set your bill values to be automatically charged to your account.




Please contact the superintendent of the building where your home is located, to take all the steps necessary for your registration.


Tax statement


You have 30 days after the acquisition date of the property to submit your tax statement to the “General Directorate of Local Taxes” department in whose territorial area the property is located. The building tax shall be due as from January 1st of the following year.


Residential address


The address of residence can be changed with a request to replace identity documents at the Public Service of Personal Records, within 15 days.


Personal doctor


Perhaps you registered on the list of a family doctor years ago and was close to your old home.

If you are insured and want to change your family doctor, in order to be closer to your new home, you can schedule a visit to the chosen family doctor to record a transfer request.


Tax facilities / exemptions


For certain categories of buildings, the tax on buildings is not due. In order to check whether you fall within one of the situations provided by the tax legislation for the granting of exemption from the payment of tax on buildings, you can consult Article 456 “exemptions” of the tax Code. The tax code can be accessed on the ANAF website under the taxpayer assistance / legislation section.



Power of attorney


You can save a little bureaucracy if one of the spouses authorises the other to complete some of the actions above, on their behalf.

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