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In case of DCC transactions (ATM’s and Point of Sale), the Bank’s margin refers to the most recent euro exchange rates, issued by European Central Bank (ECB).

Total commission ECB rate + 7%


UCFIN Card Transactions

From 19 April 2021, in order to ensure comparability between the monetary conversion fees applied by the Bank, in case of transactions with cards issued by UniCredit Consumer Financing made in the European Union expressed in any currencies other than the account and involving a currency conversion service, the Bank and Issuer (UniCredit Consumer Financing) shall display on a daily basis the internal settlement rate of card transactions and the currency conversion fee expressed as a percentage addition (margin) to the most recent euro reference exchange rates published by the ECB (European Central Bank).

ECB Exchange Rates -

For international transactions that are not in Euro,  International Card Organizations exchange between the original transaction currency made with the card and the settlement currency, at the exchange rate established by the Card Organization on the settlement date of the transaction, to which is added the Bank's monetary conversion commission.

Debiting, from the current account attached to the card of the value of the operation performed with the card, is made by foreign exchange between the value of the transaction in the settlement currency and its equivalent value in the currency of the current account, using the Bank's exchange rate for UniCredit Consumer Financing card transactions.

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IRCC (Benchmark index for loans granted to consumers, in LEI): 1.25%






MasterCard Exchange Rates

Visa Exchange Rates


1For additional details, please consult the Official Regulations of the GeniusCont - HAPPY HOUR EXCHANGE RATE benefits program, available on, Useful Documents section. Exchange rate published by the NBR - the exchange rate calculated and published by the NBR, every banking day, at 13:00, based on foreign exchange market quotations.


*it is traded at the cashiers / on account and at the exchange house

**it is traded at the cashiers and on account

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