Term deposits

The safety of your savings is our priority.


Your term deposit can be opened in lei, euro or dollars for a period of  1,3,6 or 12 months, depending on the sustainability of your business plan.

The minimum amount required to open a term deposit is 10.000 lei or 3.000 euro/usd. You can transfer money into the deposit account from your current /savings account at the beginning.

The interest is fixed during the entire period of deposit.

Depending on your plans, you can choose whichever solution meets your needs.

  • Deposits without automatic rollover: at maturity, the interest and the principal are transferred into the current account. This type of deposit is recommended for situations in which you know the exact moment you want to have these funds. 
  • Deposits with automatic prolongation without capitalization: at maturity, the interest is transferred into the current account and the deposit is renewed with the initial amount. This type of product allows you to use the deposit interest as a source of income. 
  • Deposits with automatic prolongation and capitalization: at maturity, the interest is added to the current account and the deposit is renewed with the amount of money remained. The advantage is that the interest rate increases at each prolongation, due to the increased amount deposited with previously interest rate obtained.


  • The interest rate is fixed throughout the entire deposit period.  
  • 0 commission for opening, maintaining  and canceling a  deposit;
  • Interest is automatically renewed, capitalized and paid for at maturity
  • For quick and easy money management, deposits can be opened, maintained and cancelled through BusinessNet  and Telephone Services as well as Fax Banking. 

Deposits made at UniCredit Bank are guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund of Deposits in the Banking System. The maximum guaranteed amount per client is the lei equivalent of 100.000 euro.

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