Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund

Information regarding bank deposit guarantee:

UniCredit Bank S.A. deposits are protected by: Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund 1.

Cap amount: The RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 per deponent per credit institution 2.

The minimum value for the payment of compensation for the deposits for which no transaction occurred in the last 24 months is established by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

If you have more deposits placed within the same credit institution: All deposits placed within the same credit institution are “aggregated” and the total amount is subjected to the cap amount established for the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 2.

If you share a joint account with another person(s): The coverage limit established for the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 separately, for each depositor 3.

Reimbursement period for compensation in case of unavailability of the deposits placed with the credit institution: 7 working days 4.

Compensation payment currency: RON.

Bank contact: Adress: 1F ,, Expozitiei Bvd, District first, Bucharest, Telephone: +40 21 200 20 20 E-mail adress:

Contact data Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund: Address: 3 Negru Voda Street, Building A3, 2nd floor, Bucharest, ZIP code: 030774; Telephone: 021 326 6020, E-mail address:; Fax: 0314 232 800.

Additional information:


1 Scheme responsible for your deposit’s protection. Your deposit is covered by a statutory deposit guarantee scheme, officially recognized in Romania. UniCredit Bank SA. Is participant to the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund as it is regulated by the Title II from the Law no 311/2015.

2 General cap amount. In case a deposit is unavailable because a credit institution is in default according to the applicable contractual and legal conditions, the compensation payment towards the depositors is performed through the deposit guarantee scheme. Each compensation has a cap amount established at the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 per credit institution. This means that all the deposits from the same credit institution are aggregated in order to determine the coverage level. For example, if a depositor has a savings account of EUR 90,000 and a current account of EUR 20,000, such depositor will only receive the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000.

Deposits established by legal persons resulting from (i) real estate transactions regarding residential properties with housing destination, (ii) retirement, dismissal, invalidity or death of the depositor and (iii) collecting insurance benefits and compensations for damages resulting from crimes or wrongful convictions are covered above the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000, for a 12-month period from the date the amount was credited into the account at the Bank or the date when the deposits can be legally transferred to another credit institution. Additional information is available on

3 The cap amount applicable to the joint accounts. In the case of joint accounts, the cap amount established for the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000 is applied to each depositor. The deposits in an account whose beneficiary are two or more persons in their position as members of labour associations, associations or groups of the same kind, without legal personality, are aggregated and treated as if they were placed by a single depositor, for the cap amount calculation of EUR 100,000.

4 Compensation payment. The relevant deposit guarantee scheme is the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, having its headquarters on 3 Negru Voda Street, building A3, 2nd floor, Bucharest, ZIP code: 030774, telephone 021-3266020, e-mail address:, This will grant you all due compensations (up to the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000) within 7 working days from the date the deposits became unavailable.

If you have not been granted the compensation within this period of time, we recommend you to contact the deposit guarantee scheme, as the term in which you may claim the reimbursement of the compensation may be limited. Additional information is available on

Other important information:

The deposits excluded from guarantee are:

  • deposits resulted from transactions based on which final conviction for money laundering were given, according to the legislation in the area of prevention and control of money laundering;
  • deposits for which the owner’s identity has not been checked up to the moment they became unavailable, according to the legislation in the area of prevention and control of money laundering.

Deposit – any credit balance, including the due interest, resulting from the funds in an account or transition situations arising from current banking operations and that the Bank needs to reimburse, according to the legal and contractual conditions applicable, including term deposits and savings accounts, that are not found in any of the following situations:

  • its existence can be proven only by a financial instrument as defined by Law No. 297/2004 regarding the equity market, unless it is a savings product which is evidenced by a certificate of deposit made out to a named person existing on July 2nd, 2014;
  • the principal cannot be reimbursed at the nominal value;
  • the principal can be reimbursed at nominal value only within a certain guarantee or agreement provided by the credit institution or by a third party.

The level of compensation – is determined by deducting from the amount of all eligible deposits owned by the depositor guaranteed at the respective credit institution on the date the deposits became unavailable, the total value of the payable debts on the same date of the credit institution for the respective depositor. In order to determine the level of compensation the value of the deposit is added with the accrued interest and unpaid on the date the deposits became unavailable.

The debtor’s debts towards the Bank are taken into account when calculating the compensation due.

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