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With the new GeniusIMM* package, you have the freedom to choose only what it is interesting for your business, excluding the banking services which you don’t need and you don’t have to pay for if you don’t use them.

Get your Basic Price at the unique price of 39 lei and you benefit from the following products for free:


  • 2 current accounts in lei
  • 2 current accounts in foreign currency (EUR or/and USD)



  • Unlimited intrabank payments in lei and foreign currency via BusinessNet
  • 5 interbank payments in lei via BusinessNet from the main account included in the package**



  • Unlimited inter/intrabank cash-ins in lei and in foreign currency via payment order
  • Transactions via Self Service machines (BNA) of UniCredit Bank, with debit card included in the package or barcode
  • Withdrawals with the debit card included in the package, at the ATMs of UniCredit Bank and UniCredit Group, as well as at ATMs of Euronet Romania
  • Free Direct Debit with the partners with which UCB has agreements in force
  • Info SMS



  • BusinessNet Basic or Professional with Digipass or Mobile Token included
  • Business Mobile



  • One debit card (Mastercard Gold Business or Visa Business Silver)


Do you need more? No problem!

You can upgrade your package by choosing extra options at advantageous prices:


  • Unlimited interbank electronic payments in lei from the accounts included in the package** 45 lei/month
  • Unlimited interbank electronic payments in foreign currency from the accounts included in the package** 45 lei/month
  • Unlimited payments in lei with cheques and promissory notes and collections in lei through debit instruments** 100 lei/month

Moreover, you should know that, by choosing this package, we also offer you dedicated fees, according to the List of Fees and Commissions of the Bank for:

  • Additional current accounts in lei and/or foreign currency (in addition to those already included in the package)
  • POS offer consisting in transactions for selling of goods and/or services through POS terminals
  • Special Card Menu offer for employees

*Transactional package dedicated to legal entities with an annual turnover up to  EUR 3 million.

**The free commissions and discounts refer only to the fees charged by UniCredit. Not applicable for Sent/ ReGIS fees and to the corresponding banks fees respectively. For the products or services which are not included in the package, the standard tariffs and fees apply, according to the List of Fees and Commissions in force.



Working hard to reduce costs.

We know that when you are at the beginning of your business, it is always welcomed the support of a trusted partner, a partner with whom you can filter a worry and reduce costs.

Now you can have the products and banking services that help you run your business, in a special offer. With zero cost*.

*The package is intended for start-ups, freelancers, liberal professions, non-profit organizations and companies with annual turnover up to 500,000 EUR.

1 current account in lei and 1 foreign currency account (EUR or USD).

The current account is the first choice for any company that operates on the Romanian market. The account can have a debit card linked to it or even a working capital line.

Debit card (MasterCard Gold Business or Visa Business Silver).

The debit card offers you the possibility to access anytime the money in your account. All debit cards issued by UniCredit Bank for SMEs are international cards and have the 3D Secure Service that offers extra safety when making online payments. Thus, you can make payments to both national and international retailers and make withdrawals at any ATM / Self Service.

3D Secure
  • All debit cards issued by UniCredit Bank for SMEs are international cards and have the 3D Secure Service that offers extra safety when making online payments.
Card support
  • For any information regarding your company debit card or any emergency situations, please contact the Info Center at the following phone number: +40 21 200.20.20.

BusinessNet with Business Mobile included.

UniCredit Bank designed this online application that allows banking operations specially for companies. Furthermore, you have the advantage of being on the go, flexible, this way saving time and money.

  • BusinessNet has a high level of security due to the authorizing system based on codes generated by the user through special security devices: Digipass or Mobile Token.

3 transactions/month (with the debit card included in the package),

representing transactions via Self Service / cash withdrawals at ATMs of UniCredit Bank, Unicredit Group and Euronet network.

Foreign transactions
  • In case you are travelling outside the country, you can also withdraw cash without commission, within the above mentioned 3 transactions/month at UniCredit Group ATMs in the following countries: Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.
Self Service operations
  • Self Service machines offer you the services you have at the counter: you can deposit or withdraw money, make foreign exchanges, change the PIN code and pay bills. Through Self Service and BusinessNet you have 24/7 access to your company's accounts.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit means that your concern regarding monthly bills is gone. By means of this service, the Bank makes payments on your behalf from your company's account to authorized service providers.

Monthly cash-back from the bank fees charged to your account as follows:

  • 6 RON, if you register minimum 10,000 EUR monthly incoming turnover (encashment) through your company accounts opened with UniCredit Bank;
  • 9 RON, if you register minimum 20,000 EUR monthly incoming turnover (encashment) through your company accounts opened with UniCredit Bank;
  • 15 RON, if you register minimum 30,000 EUR monthly incoming turnover (encashment) through your company accounts opened with UniCredit Bank.

And when you plan to grow your business, it's important to have all the tools you need, but it's also important to be accessible and at lowered costs.

That's why you can always apply for optional products:

  • BusinessNet Professional (Read more about BusinessNet)
  • Additional current accounts - domestic and foreign currency (EUR, USD, HUF, CHF and GBP)
  • mPOS, an innovative device for accepting payments

Additional information

How do I apply?

You can apply online and we will contact you shortly, you can call the Info Center (at the following phone number: +40 21 200.20.20) or you can visit one of the UniCredit Bank branches.

Bring with you your company's documents in case you are not our client (in order to see which documents are required, please visit the "Useful documents" in the page footer).

How much does it cost?
Products included in the package at no cost
First account in LEI - maintenance fee
First foreign currency account (EUR / USD) - maintenance fee
First debit card - yearly maintenance fee 0
BusinessNet (Mobile B@nking included) - monthly maintenance fee 0
Direct Debit 0
UniCredit and UniCredit Group ATM / Self Service transactions (using the package debit card) - fee No UniCredit fee for the first 3 transactions/month
Additional products (reduced fees and commisions)
BusinessNet Professional - monthly maintenance fee 18 LEI / month
Current account (RON, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, HUF) - monthly maintenance fee 7 LEI / month
mPOS No guarantee

For products or services not specified above are applicable standard fees and commissions charged by the Bank, according to the Fees and Commissions List in force.


In order to benefit from the Creativ Package is it mandatory to request the activation of all included products?

The products included in the Creativ Package are the lei current account and the debit card. The rest of the products are optional.

How do I get the debit card and the PIN associated to it?

The debit card can be picked up from the UniCredit Bank branch in which you filled out the request, starting with the moment the Bank confirms the card was issued and is available for pick up. The extra card will be picked up by the rightful owner, not the account owner. The PIN code will be defined over the phone by the card's Owner/User by calling Info Center (service available non-stop) at the phone numbers: *2020 (regular fee call in the Telekom Romania, Vodafone, Orange and RCS&RDS networks) or +4021 200.20.20 (regular fee call in the Telekom Romania network) and following the instructions provided.

Can I have more than one package at UniCredit Bank?

You cannot have more than one package at UniCredit Bank. In case you already have a package and you opt-in for another type of package available in the Bank's offer, the current package will be closed once you activate the new package.

Can I request closing the package but not the products included?

You can continue to benefit from the products and services owned even after the package is closed. For products and services still active after closing the package, the standard price per product/service will be applicable, as per the Fees and Commissions List effective at the time the package was closed. There are no fees for closing the Creativ Package.

Can I purchase any other products that are not included in the package?

You have access to all UniCredit Bank products dedicated to SMEs. You can purchase them separately.

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