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Allow your customers to pay for the products or services you provide using their Visa, MasterCard cards and their satisfaction will show in the long run.

Card payment acceptance on POS is a complete and secure payment solution that helps you improve your business activity.

Based on our experience with credit card payments, we have developed solutions that are safe, fast, efficient, modern, and easy to implement into any activity.

Learn more about the benefits of accepting payments on a POS.

We help you develop your business by means of the following services: 

Discounts program

Through services purchased with a credit or debit card on UniCredit Bank POS’s installed at your stores, clients can get discounts starting from 5% for the purchased product. See more details on Discountry.

You can establish your own discount rate. Your company will benefit from an increase in clientele, an increase in sales, and brand association between the company and the bank.

Installment payment

For each payment made on a POS, clients can pay in equal monthly installments (minimum 2 installments, maximum 12 installments) without interest, thus providing the cardholder an additional reason to shop more.                                                            

Installment payments will be integrated on POS terminals by UniCredit Bank automatically, remotely, and without any additional cost or further developments on your part.

You establish the number of installments.

Important! All you have to do to receive the benefits of an Installment payment program is sign an addendum to your Payment acceptance Contract.

Cash Back - Cash withdrawal service at POS

This service allows your clients to withdraw cash directly at the POS (up to 150 lei per transaction) when they pay with their Visa or MasterCard card.

The Cash Back POS service helps you reduce cash handling costs: processing, secure transportation and bank deposit. Moreover, this service is a useful tool in securing client loyalty given that few companies currently offer it. 

The amount of cash dispensed is automatically taken from the cardholder’s account and then is credited to your company’s account at no additional fees.

  • Cash Back transactions at POS can be made with any card that has activated this service (regardless of the issuing bank);
  • Customers can only withdraw cash when they make a purchase;
  • Stickers / flyers will be provided at the installation of the POS in order to signal the service;
  • Industries where this service is suitable: supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc.

Important!  There are no additional fees for your company regardless of the amount of cash released by the POS (fees are only applied to the purchasing value).

Contactless acceptance

Through the use of contactless technology such as MasterCard’s Paypass or Visa’s Paywave, clients can make fast payments under 100 lei by simply sliding their card over the POS. These services allow clients to pay without entering their PIN code or signing the invoice and significantly reduce time spent at the cash register. 

Unique Pay

Unique Pay is the solution proposed by UniCredit Bank for cashing invoices, (telephone/ utilities) through the POS installed by our bank. You can offer your clients the possibility of paying the invoices by credit card or cash, by simply writing the telephone number/ consumer code or by using the code reader attached to the POS.

Unique Pay benefits:

  • Increased numer of clients in stores;
  • Increased merchant eligibility level by installing a POS terminal;
  • Diversification of revenue streams associated with common  sale activities.

Single credit service for all POS transactions

As a customer, you can choose to see all POS transactions as two lines, total value of transactions and total fees charged at merchants/workstations/POS levels, through your bank account. 

Accepting card payments module

There has been a new development within the Business Net application (both Basic and Professional versions) called “accepting card payments module". This new service allows you to access current information regarding your banking terminals (POS/imprinter), as well as transactions carried out at your store. The information regarding the transaction in stores can be exported to a CSV file for further processing.


Packages Cards Transactions Visa/ MasterCard POS Commission/ Transaction Settlement Term
GeniusIMM Cards issued in Romania
Cards issued outside Romania
Creativ Cards issued in Romania
Cards issued outside Romania

To benefit from the new POS pricing offer, please contact us in the nearest branch UniCredit Bank.


Free POS installation

Monthly fixed fee for POS maintenance

Monthly value of successfully finalized POS transactions Value of monthly fixed fee for POS maintenance
0<=2000 LEI 65 LEI/POS terminal
>2000 LEI FREE



Interested about the SME packages? Learn more about packages here. 

This service is specially designed for companies that commercialize products and services online and eases the online selling process by acceptance of card payments in a secure manner.

E-Commerce offers you the latest banking technologies in this area and reduces  the chances of internet fraud by complying with the 3D Secure standard. This standard ensures customer identity and card verification for online buyers, as well as accepting traders.

Look for the following 3D secure logos:


UniCredit Bank’s E-Commerce service accepts payments from cards embossed with the following logos:

See the benefits for your company.

Fees and payment acceptance rules

The card payment acceptance entails that the accepting Bank pays some fees to the card issuance Bank.

The fees and rules for card payment acceptance can be found on the following websites:  

MasterCard: http://www.mastercard.com/ro/merchant/index.html 

Visa: http://www.visaeurope.com/about-us/fees-and-interchange

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