Romania means agriculture and rural development

These objectives are also UniCredit Bank’s objectives which support this European model of agriculture and offers to the clients various financing structures

UniCredit Bank offers financing solutions for setting up and developing the agricultural crops:

  • We offer general revolving loans as well as fixed-term loans, depending on your business’s needs and specific requirements;

  • In the case of fixed term loans, reimbursements may be adjusted monthly, quarterly or half-yearly adapted to the production cycle;

  • In cases regarding a revolving loan, these amounts can be used and reimbursed throughout the entire loan period.

Funding will cover the cost of setting up, maintenance and crops development, such as: seeds, insecticides, pesticides, salaries, harvest and transport cost, storage cost, etc.


UniCredit Bank supports your business development through the short-term financing of agricultural stocks:

  • It can be financed a part of the grain and oilseed stocks for trading activities, feeding resources in livestock farms or raw materials for processing activities

  • The products will be offered for a 12 month period

The offered products can be, according with financing needs, revolving (for flexible use and reimbursement throughout the loan) or on term (with monthly / quarterly / half-yearly reimbursement tailored to your business).


UniCredit Bank also supports business development in agriculture through an investment loan dedicated to the acquisition of agricultural land:

  • Long term loan, the maximum financing period will be determined after the analysis;

  • Your contribution will be a minimum of 15% of the V.A.T. free amount + the V.A.T of the transaction;

  • You can refinance an agricultural land acquisition made in the last 12 month;

  • The loan can be granted also in the form of investment cap for the acquisition of land plots in tranches.


UniCredit Bank may offer to you also a working capital financing for current activities based on Certificates issued by APIA.

  • Financed amount can be up to 90% of the subsidy value to be received, respectively Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS), redistributive payment, greening and payments for disadvantaged areas due to specific natural conditions or to other significant constraints;

  • Loan reimbursement will be made at the same time as the APIA payments.

If you want to obtain European funds for your farm or you already have a project approved through the National Program for Rural Development, UniCredit Bank can offer the following financing structure:


  • Bridge loan for the grant value to be received from the authorities. Without material guarantees for acquisition of equipments / machines / production lines with a value up to 1 mil RON;

  • Investment loan for the co-financing value;

  • Loan for the non eligible expenses from the project.


If your business and financing needs do not fit into the detailed specific structures, UniCredit Bank offers funding solutions even for you.

Regardless of your sector, vegetable and / or animal breeding, we offer financing solutions adapted specifically to your farm needs and thus continue to effectively support the development of your business:

  • Short and long term financing options, either to finance current expenses of the farm or to finance the acquisition of machinery, agricultural equipment, production lines or construction / modernization of the farm;

  • Revolving or fixed term loans (with reimbursement);

  • Provided in RON, EURO or American Dollar.

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