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Business Net gives you control over all your banking plans regardless of where you are. Transaction security and straight forward application handling are essential and because we understand that every amount of money and every moment is important when it comes to business, fees are 70% lower and transactions are faster than ever. The BusinessNet application reduces any length to a single click.

With the BusinessNet application, the Bank is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Because we know how important your time is, we bring your banking products straight to your PC or tablet. With BusinessNet, you will never have to wait in line and can easily verify the history of your transactions, and perform bank transfers easier and more efficient than ever. Fees are 70% lowers than the ones at the pay office.


BusinessNet is a web application that allows you to perform banking operations from any computer that has Internet access, without any kind of security compromises. You can communicate with the bank by SSL protocol by encrypting 256 bits; the authentication with OTP devices (one time password), known as “tokens”, assure full confidentiality.

The service can be used in two versions: Basic and Professional. Both versions offer you an overall view over the company’s accounts, credit lines, and the term deposits. You can see the details of every transaction, including ones with cards attached to the accounts.

Any type of banking transactions can be performed:

  • Lei payments;

  • Foreign currency payments (including treasury);

  • Transfers between the company’s accounts and currency exchanges (including negotiated installments)

  • Formation and annulment of term deposits;

  • Reimbursement of credit card debt.

Banking transfers made easy:

  • Save information regarding the beneficiaries and payment templates for lei or foreign currency transfers;

  • Use predefined templates for payments to several service suppliers;

  • Create direct debit mandates for several service suppliers;

  • Make programmed payment orders.

The BusinessNet Package offers you accounting and managing systems (ERP type) through:

  • The possibility to export account extracts in MT940 format (standard SWIFT);

  • The possibility to export account extracts in CSV format, by a self standard (processed using table calculation applications: Microsoft Excel, Open office, Star Office, Lotus);

  • The possibility to export information intra-day in MT942 format (standard SWIFT);

  • The possibility to charge payments generated by accounting systems;

  • The possibility to take information about beneficiaries or templates of payments from accounting systems.

See DEMO BusinessNet

See the Cut-off Time list for processing transactions through BusinessNet



Info SMS means immediate notifications about any activity in your UniCredit Bank accounts. You only have to activate the Info SMS service in order to receive messages on your mobile phone.


The Info SMS service informs you immediately about:

  • The current account's balanceReceive messages whenever you choose: at every balance change - daily, weekly or monthly);

  • The transactions made with a card;

  • Payments/incoming payments. You will receive a message for every payment or incoming payment from/in your account or when a transaction exceeds a certain amount you specify;

  • The expiration of your Overdraft option (you will receive a message 3 days prior to the expiration date so you will have time to renew it);

  • The minimum amount to be paid for your credit card (you will receive a message before the established date).

Our branches remain open for you even when our employees go home. Because we understand that not everything can be done electronically, you can access your money any time you need it at one of our UniCredit Bank ATMs.

You can pay your bills and recharge your prepaid mobile phone card at any ATM or Self Service automat.

Our ATMs offer you the services that you benefit from at a cash desk. So, at a Self Service automat you can make the following operations:

  • No card operations:

    • Cash deposit with a barcode;

    • Cash withdrawal with a barcode;

    • Foreign exchange;

    • Utility payments;

    • Opening a term deposit.

  • Card operations:

    • Cash withdrawal operations;

    • Cash deposit operations;

    • Recharging prepaid Orange, Vodafone and Telekom Romania phone cards;

    • Information about your last transactions (mini statement – the last 10 transactions made by card);

    • Utility payments;

    • Foreign exchange;

    • Information about your account balance;

    • Changing your PIN code.



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