The group health insurance for your company

The group health insurance SanaPlan is a flexible product that can be built depending on your company’s needs.

You can choose the Ambulatory insurance plan, the Hospitalize plan or you can combine them in order to offer your employees complete protection and differentiated motivational packages.

With SanaPlan insurance, you have the guarantee that your employees benefit of the best treatment in the partner medical clinics’ network (clinics’ list) as well as in any other medical institution in the country.

Additionally, according to the legal provisions in force, the company benefits of fiscal deductibility for private health insurance within a limit of 400 Euro/year/insured person. Furthermore, within the same ceiling, for the employee these amounts are not considered taxable income or they can be deducted when the payroll tax is determined in case they are borne by the employee. 

If you are interested to find out more information about SanaPlan product, our consultants will offer you the suitable solution.

Check also the General conditions and Insurance plans for detailed information regarding the group health insurance SanaPlan, here.

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