that is 2021 about

  • GeniusIMM package at 39 Lei/month and 3 digital certificates included


Being an entrepreneur in 2021 is not easy at all.

If you can save time, money, resources, do it!

With GeniusIMM* you have everything you need to digitize your business in the basic package:

  • 3 qualified digital certificates**, with which you can sign anytime, anywhere

  • BusinessNet (Basic or Professional) with Digipass or Mobile token and Business Mobile for remote banking

Do you want to save time and money?


In addition, the following are included in the GeniusIMM basic package at the single price of 39 Lei / month:

  • 2 current accounts in Lei and 2 current accounts in foreign currency (EUR or/and USD)

  • a debit card (Visa Business Gold or Visa Business Silver)

  • 5 interbank payments in Lei via BusinessNet, from the main account included in the package****

  • withdrawals with debit card included in the package, at UniCredit Bank and UniCredit Group ATMs, as well as at Euronet Romania ATMs

  • transactions through UniCredit Bank's Self Service (BNA) machines, with the debit card included in the package or barcode

  • free direct debit with partners with whom UniCredit Bank has contracts in force

  • Info SMS


You can customize your basic package by choosing the following extra options***:

Unlimited electronic interbank payments in Lei from the accounts included in the package**** 55 Lei / month

Unlimited electronic interbank payments in foreign currency from the accounts included in the package**** 65 Lei / month

Payments in Lei with cheques and promissory notes and receipts in Lei through debit instruments**** - 100 Lei / month

Withdrawals with main debit card included in the package from any ATM in Romania – 120 Lei / month

Moreover, you should know that, by choosing this package, we also offer you dedicated fees, according to the List of Fees and Commissions of the Bank for:

  • Additional current accounts in Lei and/or foreign currency (EUR, USD, CHF, HUF sau GBP);
  • Transactions made at POS.


You also enjoy:


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Remote banking solution for your company's digital transformation, with zero administration costs.



You get 3 free digital certificates if you have the GeniusIMM Package.



With the GeniusIMM Package you get 20% discount from the standard price of packages offered by our partners: cash registers with or without management software, which you can integrate with the POS purchased from UniCredit Bank.



You have access to money for short-term needs generated by the activity, to cover the gap between earnings and payments, to pay suppliers, utilities or other current expenses.


* Transactional package dedicated to legal entities with an annual turnover up to EUR 3 million.

** For qualified electronic signature, with cryptographic keys kept in the cloud, issued by Trans Sped SRL, the Bank being the registration authority

*** An extra option can be purchased only together with the GeniusIMM package (cost 39 Lei / month), not separately. Extra options can be combined with each other.

**** The free commissions and discounts refer only to the fees charged by UniCredit. Not applicable for Sent/ ReGIS fees and to the corresponding banks fees respectively. For the products or services which are not included in the package, the standard fees and commissions apply, according to the List of Fees and Commissions in force.

In case of new clients (without products/services from UniCredit Bank) that acquire GeniusIMM package, the interrogation in Trade Register database commission is zero and it is applied only once at the beginning of the business relationship.

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