Debit cards for SMEs

The common purpose of all owners of small or medium businesses is to have a better control over their finances and this way to make their business more secure.

The debit card for companies separates your personal spending from your business spending.

You have a 24/7 access to company’s account and you can follow the evolution of your finances online, as well as through the activity report or the miniextract from the UniCredit Bank ATM.


VISA Business SILVER / VISA Business GOLD debit card

Depending on the size of your business, the number and size of your monthly online transactions or if you have employees that travel abroad on business trips, we have debit cards that satisfy your business’ needs.

  • You can offer your employees access to a predetermined amount of money for current or travel spending;
  • You have 0 commission for the payments at a POS;
  • You can make fast contactless payments at POS, for low value amounts (Value established by the international organizations cards Visa or MasterCard ; for example under 100 Lei in Romania) without PIN. It will be necessary to introduce the PIN code if the cumulative amount of previous consecutive contactless transactions exceeds the threshold of 150 Euro or equivalent. The contactless transactions performed at un unattended terminal located in European Economic Area for transportation ticketing or parking fees, and also those performed at a POS/terminal with contactless capability located outside  European Economic Area are excepted;
  • You can pay your bills straight from the ATMs or Bank's Self Service machines;
  • You can make online transactions;
  • You can easily manage each card's expenses, by attaching the cards to distinct accounts, or distinct transaction limits.
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