Cross-border solutions

When you think about imports or exports, expansion or investing abroad, UniCredit will bring you in pole position!

As a UniCredit Bank client, you can benefit from the special offer we have created for companies that target successful global development: products and services with unified characteristics, standardized processes across all countries, cost efficiency and swiftness.




Opening a Cross Border account – cross-border business expansion

Sometimes, opening an account in a foreign country can be a real challenge. But with help from the Client Manager in your country of origin, every UniCredit Group client can benefit from a transparent process and clear requirements. The standardized application form, together with the structured recommendation process, significantly speeds up the amount of time needed to receive the new account number abroad.

It is also important to note that non-residents must not travel to their country of interest, but only sign the required documents.




Cross Border PLUS Credit – simple and fast

The Cross Border Plus Credit is the right product when you are looking for fast and streamlined financing for your foreign branch. The UniCredit bank in your country of origin (Italy, for example) will issue a guarantee in favor of the bank in the network collaborating with the branch (located in Central and Eastern Europe, for example). The branch will receive a facility that can be used as an investment loan, working capital line or guarantee. Everything, in the fastest and simplest way possible.




EU Subsidy Consulting – benefit from the opportunities extended Europe has to offer

For clients looking to find out more about European subsidies, the UniCredit Group has created the European Competence Center network across the new EU member states. These centers collect and analyze relevant information, like EU subsidies or programs, and offer specialized services according to the needs of each interested client.




FlashPayment – as fast as lightning, guaranteed currency date advantage

FlashPayment is the fast and efficient way to transfer funds among banks in the UniCredit Group. The product offers our clients an extremely fast way to process external payments, and the amount is credited in the beneficiary’s account with a currency date of just one day. Nonetheless, the most important aspect is the non-requirement of a special FlashPayment request.

As usual, payments can be made online or through a standard payment order. If all criteria are met and all the accounts involved in the operation are open within the UniCredit Group, the transfer is processed and the one effecting the payment together with the receiver will benefit from the advantage of the currency date without any extra fee




EuropeanGateOur pan-European payment service


EuropeanGate allows our clients centralized access to all of the banks in the UniCredit Group, saving them time and money. It can be connected to the e-banking solutions already in place in the country of origin, allowing the centralized management of foreign accounts: clients send us their payment orders (transfers and direct debit), we process the conversion in the corresponding national formats and send them back to the local UniCredit bank to execute them. This way, EuropeanGate works like a real “payment engine”.

We are here to support all business initiatives. Our strength lies in the financial expertise, the extraordinary services and in the firm commitment to allow both individuals and companies to successfully fulfill their financial objectives.

UniCredit is a top European bank, with solid roots in 17 European countries and an international network available across 50 markets, with over 8.500 branches and more than 147.000 employees.

In Central and Eastern Europe, UniCredit holds the largest international banking network, with over 4.000 branches and points of sale.

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