UniCredit Bank is part of UniCredit Group. 

UniCredit Bank is one of the main financial institutions, providing services and quality products for all client categories in Romania. At the end of December 2020, the bank had a nationwide network of 135 branches and 3,397 employees. UniCredit Bank aims to be customer centered, an easy to deal with partner and also very active in the communities in which operates.

UniCredit Bank caters to a variety of client needs through a network of specialized partners: UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit Consumer Financing, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, UniCredit Insurance Broker.


UniCredit Bank in numbers (as of 31st of December 2020):

Consolidated profit: 94 million euro

Loans: 5,839 million euro

Deposits: 7,317 million euro

Shareholding structure at 31.12.2020

Majority shareholder

UniCredit S.p.A. - 98,630% of share capital.

Minority shareholders

Romanian private individuals - 1,279% of share capital

Romanian companies - 0,044% of share capital

Foreign private individuals - 0,032% din of share capital

Foreign companies - 0,015% of share capital

Bank identification data

UniCredit Bank SA, a dual-funded company, headquartered in Romania, Bucharest, Sector 1, Expozitiei No. 1F, Postal Code 012101, registered in the Trade Register under no. J40 / 7706/1991, in the Banking Register under no. RB-PJR-40-011 / 18.02.1999 and registered with ANSPDCP with notice no.10964, single registration code 361536, fiscal attribute RO, subscribed share capital and paid 455.219.478,30 RON.


The Code of Conduct adopted by our Group is intended to ensure we all behave appropriately with respect to colleagues, clients and third parties in our daily activities. The principles of the Code underscore the legal and ethical standards to which we must adhere in order to run our business successfully while at the same time protecting our clients’ interests, mitigating risk, complying with financial regulations, assuring market transparency and safeguarding confidential data. The same approach is expected also from our partners.

Here you can read about UniCredit Bank's Code of Conduct.

Here you can read about UniCredit Bank's Anticorruption Policy. 

UniCredit Bank promotes a corporate culture based on ethical conduct and a solid corporate governance, acknowledging the importance of issuing and implementing a Regulation for reporting unacceptable conduct- Whistleblowing, available as well for employees and third parties.


The purpose of this Rule is:

  • to foster a proper environment where employees and third parties (partners, suppliers, contractors, tied agents, etc) may feel free to make reports on unacceptable conduct of the employees, since they are considered as significantly contributing to self-correction and excellence.
  • to define the appropriate channels of communication that allow reports to be received, analyzed and processed within the organization.
  • to guarantee the whistleblower’s protection against any form of retaliation, discrimination or sanction following a whistleblowing report made in good faith.


Unacceptable Conduct refers to any action or inaction occurred during the activity or impacting the activity carried out within the Bank, that is or could be harmful to or jeopardize the mission or reputation of the Bank, UniCredit Group or its employees, that may be:

  • illegal, unfair or unethical;
  • in breach of any applicable legal or regulatory obligations that apply to the employee whilst working;
  • a failure to comply with Bank and Group’s Rules and regulation.


Reports may be sent by employees as detailed within the attached regulation.


The Third Parties may send the report using one of the following communication channels:

  • in paper form in att. of Compliance Department and/or Internal Audit Department to the following address: UniCredit Bank, 1F Expozitiei Blvd, RO-012101, Bucharest 1, Romania;
  • or here.
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