Cash Management

We have developed both standard payment solutions and special collection solutions adapted to your company's activity.

Current account
  • You can open accounts in lei and foreign currency dedicated to each division, activity or geographic region, so that you can efficiently monitor certain activities;
  • UniCredit Bank offers the possibility of keeping the current account availability without mandatory minimum amount, with interest. Thus, you can benefit from the company's available for payments and other current operations at any time;
  • The interest is calculated daily and is posted into the account at the end of the month.

Payment solutions

You can benefit from the following types of payments:

Domestic and foreign currency payments

  • We offer a fast and accurate settlement for both payments in lei and those in foreign currency through our access to the compensation scheme in Romania (TransFonD) and to the most important systems of “clearing & settlement” for euro, dollars and other main currency.
  • Payments may be ordered electronically - using one of the two electronic applications Multicash or BusinessNet - or on paper.

SEPA payments 

  • UniCredit Bank offers its customers the opportunity to order end to end SEPA transfers on a special template/module, available through the electronic applications BusinessNet Basic and Professional and MultiCash. SEPA transfers use the XML format that provides, in addition to the SWIFT format, new fields with necessary information for reconciliation;
  • Even if not initiated in SEPA format (in XML format or by using the special template) UniCredit Bank will convert and direct a payment via the SEPA specific CSMs (Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms) if the respective payment meets the conditions for SEPA clearing;
  • UniCredit Bank also offers its clients the opportunity to make payments via SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) on the basis of signing a contract with the bank and after submitting a copy of the Mandate signed with SEPA DD. SEPA Direct Debit payments are made after validation of payment instructions sent by the provider SEPA DD mandate, a copy of which was filed by the payer to the bank.

Domestic payments by Direct Debit (DD)  

The client companies of UniCredit Bank can pay the amounts due in lei by Direct Debit. If a company holds a current account at UniCredit Bank, they can sign a DD mandate; thus, the payment obligations to different suppliers shall be automatically performed by means of the DD instructions issued by the supplier.

We also offer the possibility of signing electronic Direct Debit Mandates for the agreed beneficiaries by means of our BusinessNet Basic/ BusinessNet Professional applications;

  • The company’s account is automatically debited upon the maturity date, with the amount mentioned by the supplier within the electronic instructions of direct debit;
  • Payments through DD can be made by both suppliers, upon an open invoice account at UniCredit Bank (intra-bank DD), as well as by the suppliers, with an open account with other credit institutions (inter-bank DD). For the suppliers with invoice accounts with other credit institutions, the payment service can be activated if the supplier can initiate DD instructions in the inter-bank system (service provided by the credit institution where the invoice account is open). 

Standing orders

  • A payment order initiated by the payer once, when the bank is mandated upon repeated execution. This type of payment can be ordered on paper format or through BusinessNet electronic application; 
  • One can perform payment orders scheduled in lei (including to the State budget) or in a foreign currency;
  • The debit frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, each semester and annually, and the payments can be fixed or fluctuating.

Salary payments

  • The salary payment, which is also possible by the use of BusinessNet and Multicash applications, is a functionality extremely useful to the companies that wish to pay the salaries to their employees, without having to go to the bank;
  • The extended network of branches, automatic cash-dispensers (ATM/BNA) and EFT-POS terminals installed with the traders gives the possibility to the salary card holder to use them for shopping or cash withdrawal on minimal costs, as well as the ability to perform any type of current account transaction.

Customslink - Electronic Customs Duty Payment Confirmation

  • This service is a straight forward and safe solution to electronically settle your duties with the Customs Offices and is available in all Romanian Customs Offices that have an IT infrastructure in place.
  • UniCredit Bank will automatically and electronically dispatch the relevant information regarding the payment orders to the Customs Offices within approximately 1 hour from the moment the payment is processed. 
  • This service is available for electronic payments, as well as paper based payments in accordance with the specific cut-off-times of UniCredit Bank.

Collection solutions

Direct Debit (intra-banking and inter-banking)

  • Direct Debit represents a fast and efficient solution for the collection of payment obligations. Basically, the Direct Debit service is a pre-authorized debit of the payer‘s account; this debit is initiated by your company based on a Direct Debit collection agreement between UniCredit Bank and your company;
  • Intra-banking debit (payers with accounts open at UniCredit Bank) and inter-banking debits (payers with accounts open at other credit institutions) are available in lei only;
  • Based upon issued and validated DD instructions (un-rejected), the company’s account is automatically credited upon the maturity date with the amounts debited from the payers’ accounts (intra-bank DD) or with the amounts collected through the national compensation and settlement system (TRANSFOND-SENT) from the payers’ banks (inter-bank DD).
  • Completely automated process;
  • Automatic reconciliation based on daily reports delivered by the bank for the required payments.

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

  • UniCredit Bank offers companies the possibility of performing trans-border operations in EUROS on European territory via SEPA Direct Debit, one of the newest instruments at European level, designed by the European Community within the implementation and migration initiative at SEPA standards and practices (Single Euro Payment Area);
  • Thus, the company clients of UniCredit Bank have access to SEPA Direct Debit plans by means of the most rapid and efficient payment solution of bond trans-border collection;
  • The payer must hold accounts with credit institutions (banks) located on SEPA territory that adhere to SEPA DD standards and rules. The credit institutions performing SEPA DD transactions must finalize the adhesion process to SEPA DD schemes (such institutions can be found in the bank list using SEPA DD published from EPC;
  • In order to issue trans-border SDD instructions, you must sign a collection agreement via SEPA DD that is concluded between UniCredit Bank and your company. 


  • The service represents the transfer of funds from your company’s account, open with the State Treasury, into the current account from UniCredit Bank, and it shall only be available for account format 50.69 – Available funds – of the economic operators, open at the State Treasury;
  • Transfers are performed by the bank without having to submit payment orders from your company;
  • The service shall be valid both in Bucharest, as well as throughout the country;
  • The bank statement open at the State Treasury can be electronically seen by means of BusinessNet or Multicash applications and it can also be delivered in MT940 format. In addition, you can also find the bank statement in paper format at the branch where you have an open account. 

Safe transport of assets

  • Based upon the agreement concluded with the bank’s partner – a company specialized in safe transport of assets, UniCredit Bank provides secured cash collection services/ other asset collection services from requested locations, as well as safe cash rendering to the specified locations;
  • The collection of assets comprises lei, other currencies, debit instruments, coins;
  • You benefit from the highest safety standards: cash transport is performed by means of armored cars, under armed guardianship, and GPS monitoring;
  • You can also benefit from collection from any location in Romania and for any number of operations.

Special solutions for invoice collection

  • Payment order on a special template;  
  • Cash at Cash multifunctional machines (BNA);
  • By card at bank cash-dispensers (ATM) and POS;
  • Cash at the cash deskr;
  • Cash at the partners’ cash desk or terminals.

The hereinbefore mentioned shall be discussed with specialists on the technical part on behalf of the company that wishes to render the efficiency in invoice collection via many channels (cash and alternative channels), in order to establish all aspects involved (validation algorithms, invoice accounts, etc.) 

Reconciliation solutions
  • Bank statements MT940 and electronic intermediary reports MT942 – standard format;
  • Bank statements MT940 and electronic intermediary reports MT942– UniCredit structural format;
  • Real-time monitoring method of debit instruments  (by means of BusinessNet);
  • Acceptance mode upon card payment (the transactions performed by means of POS and Imprinter terminals can be seen by traders directly from the electronic application BusinessNet);
  • The monitoring file of the debit instruments rendered upon collection;
  • Other special solutions – solutions can fluctuate from structural bank statements until special reconciliation files for collections via POS terminals.

Products & services packages

You can choose one of four company service and product packages depending on your business profile:

  • Flexible Pay;
  • Flexible Collect;
  • Complete;
  • VIP.

The main advantage of using these packages is the unique and fixed monthly cost, which has been significantly reduced in comparison to the individual prices of the included products.

We can agree on the best package for your business depending on your company's activity and on the types of transactions / products used.

Electronic applications, in addition to the periodic and fast reconciliation of the account statements, can help you manage account records as efficiently as possible.


BusinessNet Basic & Professional

BusinessNet is a web application that lets you make transactions from any computer that has Internet access. The application is in line with the highest security standards as well as ensures a framework for better banking operations. Communication with the Bank is ensured by the SSL protocol or with 256 bytes encrypting, combined with OTP (one-time password) based authentication devices, also known as "token". Thus, we ensure authentication and transaction confidentiality.

The service is available in two distinct versions: Basic and Professional. Both versions offer you a view of your company's accounts, your credit lines, and term deposits. You can visualize the details of all your transactions, including those made with cards, attached to the respective accounts.

BusinessNet Connect

BusinessNet Connect is designed for large and medium-sized companies handling a high number of outgoing and incoming payments. This innovative solution streamlines internal processes and simplifies the procedure of active and passive communication between your company’s Financial and Accounting System (ERP) and BusinessNet Professional. 

By synchronization the data between your Accounting System and BusinessNet Professional, you can automatically:

  • Upload payment files;
  • Download status messages and statements.

All financial data is available on your online ERP System, without having to manually import or export files. 


Multicash is a client-based electronic application, and requires prior installation on the computer that you wish to use it on. The application allows lei payments and payments to the budget, foreign currency and foreign exchange payments, SEPA payments. Multicash also includes account statements MT940 and MT942 format and receiving as well as sending files from / to the Bank.

Also, we have the Multicash@Sign application, which allows the signing of payments introduced by Multicash from a computer connected to the Internet which does not have Multicash installed.

Dedicated services for companies with international presence

Implementing a central finacial management is a necessity for more and more companies. UniCredit Bank helps you with this issue by creating a series of payment solutions.

European Gate – unique access point

  • The European Gate is a product, available in the UniCredit Group only, that is used to meet international companies’ needs on centralized financial management through modern technical solutions and minimum costs. European Gate allows the use of one single electronic application for payment transfer to the banks pertaining to UniCredit Group;
  • A company that holds an open account at UniCredit Bank in Romania can act as an active party as well as a passive one. When you act as an active party, the electronic applications BusinessNet Professional and Multicash are means by which you can order payments.

MT101 service

Based upon the mandate received from a company that holds an account with our bank, UniCredit Bank accepts transfer instructions from third party banks via messages of the type SWIFT MT101 and makes payments according to such instructions. The company that holds an account with UniCredit Bank can only act as passive party.

SWIFTNet FIN and File Act

  • The services SWIFTNet FIN and File Act suppose the collaboration of your company directly with the SWIFT organization, the procurement of a personal BIC – Business Identifier Code – (the company shall be solely identified in the SWIFT network with this code), and the use of a dedicated application provided by SWIFT or by another IT solution company. SWIFT ensures the network, protocol, and the communication standards with the banks that provide such services to their customers. Such services suppose the role of passive party; 
  • The service SWIFTNet FIN, made available to your company by the bank, offers the possibility to send payment instructions via SWIFT, for execution purposes, exclusively in the standard format SWIFT MT101;
  • The service SWIFTNet FileAct offers the possibility to send payment files from its personal BIC address for execution purposes. Thus, you can benefit from flexibility as it regards the sent file’s format.

Solutions for effective domestic and cross-border concentrations of liquidites within the UniCredit Group for holding companies and/or groups of companies.

Cash sweeping

Cash sweeping is, in other words, the concentration of solutions between the current accounts of the same company. You can benefit from the following possibilities:

  • Zero balancing – positive/negative balances are transferred/ covered into/from the main account at the end of the day (balance at the end of the day in the participating accounts will be zero);
  • Target balancing – the participating accounts shall have a balance at the end of the day that equals the amount pre-established following the transfers into/from the main account;
  • Reverse balancing – transfers are performed at the end of the day (the balance will be zero for the participating accounts) and their reversal shall be performed in the morning of the second day.

Cash pooling

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of efficient solutions for the concentration of liquidity. These represent non-standard operation services on mandate based customer accounts for holding companies or/and groups of companies, that aim to manage the movement of assets and of the group/holding companies available liquidity (treasury operations).

Our bank provides effective domestic and cross border cash pooling solutions within the UniCredit Group. Each concentration request for liquidities shall be discussed in detail with you in order to establish the most suitable solution for your company in regards to account structure, currency involved, etc.

UniCredit Bank advises the group of companies to request legal and fiscal guidance on tax implications, as well as on accounting inclusion and legal capacity to participate in such structures. 

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of card products and complex solutions for payment acceptance of cards for your business development.

Corporate cards

Credit cards

UniCredit Bank offers corporate clients an exclusive credit card, which besides the functionality of a classic credit card, also contains a carefully selected range of benefits for a unique Premium card experience.  

MasterCard Corporate Credit Card is a Premium card linked to a company credit account in lei or euros. It has a grace period for up to 45 days that's applied to all transactions performed at Merchants (POS / Imprinter / Internet), and are reimbursed in full at the payment due date or according to the minimum reimbursement amount mentioned in the Activity Report. 


It may be used for:

  • Payment of goods and services provided by accepting merchants that display a MasterCard logo and that have electronic card payment devices (POS) or imprinters (for embossed cards);
  • Performing contactless transactions of under 100 LEI/transaction, for which the input of the PIN code is not necessary;
  • Cash withdrawal operations from ATMs on a PIN code basis;
  • Cash withdrawals from other banks’ territorial units that have the MasterCard logo displayed;
  • Internet or mail order/telephone order (MO/TO) transactions;
  • Balance enquiry at a bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • PIN code change at the bank’s ATMs;
  • Mini-Account statement at the bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • Utilities invoice payment at the bank’s ATMs.

Benefits attached to MasterCard Corporate Credit card

  • Discounts offered at MasterCard Partner Merchants within MasterCard Elite Program.
  • Access to more than 600 VIP lounges in international airports with the presentation of the Priority Pass card. 
  • Access into UniCredit Business Lounge from Henri Coanda Airport, together with a guest, with the presentation of your MasterCard Corporate Credit card;
  • Travel Assistance Services available worldwide 24/7;
  • Travel Insurance attached to cards. Starting on 1st of March you can benefit from free travel insurance offered by Axeria Assistance Limited.

The cards may be used at all 15,000 ATMs belonging to the UniCredit network in 16 European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania), with the same withdrawal fee charged by the issuing bank in its own network.

Travelers are insured outside of the territorial borders of Romania, their country of citizenship, and country of residence from departure till arrival. However, insurance will not last longer than 90 consecutive days since the beginning of the trip.

To activate the insurance, travelers must make at least one card transaction within 3 months before starting their journey. In addition, clients can only benefit from this insurance if they were not over 70 years of age when the policy was put into effect on March 1st, 2015.

The insured events are: accidental death, accidental permanent partial disability, emergency medical expenses, 24 hour assistance services worldwide, registered lost luggage, flight delays, and personal liabilities to third parties.

The emergency call number is +40 21 201 90 66, which connects you with the assistance service from Axeria Assistance Limited insurance company (April Broker Romania).

To qualify for this insurance, terms and conditions of the insurance provided by the insurer are met. 

For more details on this product, please get in touch with your company's Relationship Manager.

Debit Cards

The debit cards offered by UniCredit Bank are: Visa Business Electron, Visa Business Electron Co-branded Metro, Visa Business Silver, Visa Business Gold, MasterCard Business Gold, all of which are CHIP cards that provide cardholders with increased protection.

The operations that can be performed with a corporate debit card

  • Payment of goods and services provided by accepting merchants that display a MasterCard logo and that have electronic card payment devices (POS) or imprinters (for embossed cards);
  • Cash withdrawal operations from ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • Cash withdrawals from other banks’ territorial units that have the MasterCard logo displayed;
  • Internet or mail order/telephone order (MO/TO) transactions;
  • Balance inquiry at the bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • PIN code change at the bank’s ATMs;
  • Mini-Account statement at the bank’s ATMs, on a PIN code basis;
  • Utilities invoice payment at the bank’s ATMs.

The cards may be used at all 15,000 ATMs belonging to the UniCredit network in 16 European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania), with the same withdrawal fee charged by the issuing bank in its own network.

Card issuance and acquiring

Card payment acceptance on a POS is a complete and secure solution that helps you improve your business activity.

With this service, you can collect payment for your products and services with Visa, MasterCard. Thus, you will offer to your customers an alternative means of payment, in a safe and comfortable manner, and building a long-term relationship with them.

You can choose between:

  • card present payment acceptance - the most popular method of payment;
  • card not present payment acceptance - the method is specific to only certain merchant activities (eg: travel agencies, car rental or hotels/hostles).

If there are special requirements for the integration of the cash register (ECR), the bank can assist with them in the process of POS installment.

Choose from the 4 functionalities best suited for your activity:  

Discountry - Loyalty program for UniCredit Bank cardholders 

You can choose to become one of UniCredit Bank partner merchants in the Discountry loyalty program that's dedicated to the UniCredit Bank credit and debit cardholders. For each payment performed at POS, clients can pay up to 12 free of interest, or they can benefit from discounts, which gives them an additional reason to make more transactions. You can establish the number of installments or the level of discount.

Cash Back service at POS

This service allows your clients to withdraw cash from the POS, up to 150 lei/ transaction, when they pay with their Visa or MasterCard card in your store. The cash dispensed amount is automatically deducted from the cardholder's account and is credited in your company’s account at no additional fee.

Contactless acceptance 

Through the new contactless technology such as MasterCard’s PayPass and Visa’s PayWave, clients can quickly perform transactions up to 100 lei, by simply sliding their card through the POS, and without having to insert their PIN code and/or sign the receipt. This new technology significantly reduces the time clients have to spend at the cash register.

Unique Pay - Service of Bill (invoice) collection at POS 

Unique Pay is the solution proposed by UniCredit Bank for bill (invoice) collection (telephone/ utilities) through the POS installed by our bank. You can offer to your clients the possibility of paying their invoices, both by card and cash, by inserting either the phone number / client code with the help of bar code reader attached to the POS.


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