Short-term loans

We offer an extensive range of products in the financing sphere, from simple financing products to complex, structured financing solutions which go beyond the classic loan.

Short - term loans

Designed for:

  • Working capital (wages, energy supply, operational expenses).

Main types of short term loans:

  • Short-term loans for working capital (without automatic renewal – not revolving);
  • Short-term lines for working capital (with automatic renewal – revolving);
  • Short-term advance for working capital (based on commercial documents);
  • Short-term loans for small investments;
  • Short-term for commercial contract financing;
  • Overdraft.

Structured Finance

Investment projects financed by UniCredit Bank include acquisition of new equipment and buildings. The projects are analyzed individually and the sources of reimbursement considered are either the cash flow generated by the project itself or cash from current operations.


Benefitting from a strong global expertise and in the context of the particular focus on the CEE region, UniCredit Group is constantly present among the top banks in the rankings produced by prestigious institutions dealing with the syndicated loan market, such as Global Capital (former Euro Week) and Dealogic Loan Analytics. UniCredit Group undertakes roles as Mandated Lead Arranger, Co-arranger or Participant for international or local transactions, with a particular focus on CEE countries, based on corporate projects that involve complex financing needs and require a significant amount of funding.

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