Our clients


We want to offer our clients clear and direct information to help them make the best decisions for their interests and financial needs.

We constantly communicate with clients through various channels and regularly go through all the documentation sent to them, to ensure that it is simple and easy to follow.

It is essential for us to comply with the law on the prevention of fraud and money laundering and provide retail customers greater transparency.

Complaint handling

Complaint handling is of vital importance in terms of regulation and customer service. Complaint management is the formal process that allows us to record and adequately address a complaint or a claim.

Any complaint received is filed with the designated department which will then  review the reported situation; complaints are assessed and an answer is provided in the shortest time possible according to the applicable legislation.

We strive to transform the knowledge we gain from customer complaints into tangible values ​​to ensure long-term sustainability of the business. We try to analyze and respond to all well-grounded comments and complaints of our clients and we will continue our efforts to resolve problematic situations. 

Customer satisfaction

With an international profile, UniCredit Group needs to rise to the expectations of all the communities in which it carries out its activities. Consequently, we have made significant investments that allow us to keep our local personality while operating internationally.

For example, the retail division of the group made ​​massive investments in cross-border strategies and service systems that can be used in a service-oriented society.

The actions initiated in this respect include: 

  • TRIM Index.
    We use TRIM to monitor customer satisfaction at division making levels.
  • Surveys among customers.
    The surveys are one of the main ways we  analyze  client comments and suggestions. We measure customer satisfaction periodically throughout the year according to the division or legal entities involved.

Instruments and initiatives used
We selectively use certain tools and initiatives for increasing customer satisfaction

Our main efforts in this respect are:

  • The Mystery Shopping Program;
  • Reactions to various feedbacks;
  • Developing new programs;
  • Improving service quality in order to provide excellent services;
  • Customer loyalty.

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