We are aware that we cannot speak about social responsibility if we do not set an example ourselves. A few years ago, UniCredit Group rethought the entire policy related to environmental projects and implemented a large-scale program that aims to reduce carbon emissions and introduce green energy into ourbuildings.

UniCredit Bank is actively involved in projects on nature protection and is searching for viable solutions to real problems, such as climate change andcarbon dioxide emissions.

1 email = 1 tree

In 2014, UniCredit Bank joined the national initiative “We plant good deeds in Romania”. Therefore, the bank decided to plant a tree for every customer who chooses to receive the credit card activity report through email instead of the printed version and planted 10,000 trees in 2014.

The cities in which planting  takesplaceare: Pestera - Constanta County (for building snow storm shelterbelts), Taureni - Mures County (surface land sliding), and Baltati - Iasi County.



The Cicloteque project, developed together with MaiMultVerde Association, was launched on July 31st, 2008 and closed at the end of 2013. The first bike rental center opened on 1 August 2008, providing Bucharest inhabitants and tourists a number of 100 bicycles and accessories. 

Also, from August 2008 bike owners have had access to specially designated parking spaces in the most important universities in Bucharest (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Electronics - Leu Building, Faculty of Automation - Rectorship, ASE Moxa, ASE Agronomy), in two of UniCredit Bank offices (Ghetarilor Street and Charles de Gaulle Square) and Carturesti Bookstore (in Arthur Verona). 130,000 Eur was invested to initiate this project.

In 2009, Cicloteque managed to attract some 8,000 users, three times more than the previous year, of which 1,200 were subscribers. The bikes were rented for approximately 30,000 hours, which means that, at an average of 10 km per hour, 45 less tons of carbon dioxide were released into the air. The triple in the number of users in 2009 shows the interest of Bucharest people in non-polluting transportationvehicles. Cicloteque also made  a parking lot of 150 bicycles available to those interested, 50 more than in 2008, along with the necessary accessories and parking places.

In June 2010 we opened two new Cicloteque bike rental centers in the Tineretului and Herastrau Parks and, in the summer of 2011 we opened two more centers in the Drumul Taberei and Titan Parks.

Cicloteque organized many events for cyclists (Bike-promenade by night 3, Bike Walk #4, A Day without Cars in My Town, Autumn Bike Ride, Cicloteque Photo Contest) and offered free bicycles to participants at the Night of Open Museums and Night of Open Cultural Institutes. In addition to the infrastructure and 58 km of tracks  ​​available to bikers by the municipality of Bucharest, Cicloteque mounted supports for bike parking in 20 important locations in Bucharest, among which are the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Polytechnic School - Faculty of Electronics, "Cafeneaua Actorilor" at the University, Ark building in Calea Rahovei, PAVILION in Victoriei Square, and in Herastrau, Cismigiu, Tineretului, Carol and Circului Parks.

In 2012 and 2013, Cicloteque was launched in Timisoara and Oradea as well, together with our partners, –the West University Oradea Shopping City.


RE Campaign

In 2008, we conducted the RE Campaign, which targeted the responsible use of paper, water, and electricity in the company. The pilot program, called "The paper forest wants to be alive!", started with an internal awareness campaign on how to recycle paper. Also, we replaced regular paper with recycled paper and placed special bins in the UniCredit Bank offices for paperdisposal. 

In 2009, we decided to focus on other resources as well and encourage responsible use of water and energy. Thus, we posted stickers in the bank offices to dispearseinformation on the risks and benefits of responsible consumption, and alsoprepared RE Manuals for all employees, which contained tips on responsible use of the resources at hand. Additionally, we extended our attempts tothe recycling of small-sized home appliances and electronic equipment and, together with Recolamp and ECOTIC, we designed special places in our offices called Green Corners for collecting WEEE materials. 

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