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No matter how small or big your business is, we put the efficiency of salary conventions first. Using the Meal Card, you enjoy the flexibility of the newest solution in terms of electronic meal tickets, 100% secured, having multiple benefits, both for your company and your employees.

The Meal Card is the UniCredit Bank’s solution for offering electronic meal tickets to your company’s employees. With ZERO issuance fee and the possibility of free delivery at your company’s headquarter, get rid of the worries caused by the printing and delivery of tickets on paper and benefit of advantageous costs for the return of unused amounts during the validity period by the employees. Furthermore, being connected to BusinessNet application, you can monitor every month all the financial statements you need. Issued under the VISA licence, the Contactless Visa Electron Meal Card benefits from a safe and easy use.

Advantages of the Meal Card for your company:

  • You can easily request the issuance of the Meal Cards, using the BusinessNet or the BusinessNet Professional application;
  • You benefit from quick transfers of the amounts on the Meal Card – the same day for payments made before 4 p.m. or the following business day for payments made after 4 p.m.;
  • Amounts not used by the employees during the validity period of the meal tickets return to the company’s accounts;
  • You manage easily the Meal Cards given to your employees using the reports made available through the BusinessNet application;
  • You receive the Meal Cards directly at the company’s office with no logistical effort from you;
  • You receive the invoices in electronic form through BusinessNet.

With the Meal Card the employees of your company:

  • Can make their purchases anywhere in Romania, in the network of stores accepting payments made using the Meal Card . The network of traders can be seen here, and their commercial locations are signalled with the logo "Meal Card";
  • Enjoy flexibility when paying for their purchases – the issue of the change or that of additional purchases to reach the payment amount is eliminated;
  • Benefit from quick and safe payments – the meal card has contactless technology – for purchases of up to 100 RON, the introduction of the PIN code is not necessary
  • Are quickly informed – they receive an SMS text from the bank when the amount is transferred on their meal card and they can check their account balance and history of transactions using the UniCredit Bank ATMs, the Mobile Banking application or calling to Info Center;
  • Can set the desired PIN code using the UniCredit Bank ATMs or by telephone, calling to Info Center;
  • Dispose of non-stop telephone assistance through UniCredit Bank’s Info Center: +40 21 200 2020 (regular fee in Telekom Romania landline); *2020 (regular fee in Orange, RCS&RDS, Telekom Romania and Vodafone mobile networks).

For an even more efficient payment of the salaries, add to the Meal Card a GeniusCont current account. Your employees will benefit from ZERO administration fee, ZERO cash withdrawal fee at UniCredit and Euronet ATMs and free online payments through Online and Mobile Banking.  

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