Cards acquiring on POS and E-commerce

We provide a wide range of solutions regarding acceptance for payments.


With those services, you can collect payment for your products and services with Visa and Mastercard cards. Thus, you will offer to your customers an alternative means of payment, in a safe and comfortable manner, and building a long-term relationship with them.


Card payment acceptance on POS is a complete and secure payment solution that helps you improve your business activity.

You can choose between:

  • card present payment acceptance – the most popular method of payment;
  • card present payment acceptance on unattended POS – specific payment method for parking, delivery-pickup lockers;
  • card not present payment acceptance – the method is specific to only certain merchant activities (ex: travel agencies, rent a car or hotels/hostels);
  • the integration of the cash register (ECR) – if there are special requirements for the integration of our POS’s with the cash register (ECR), the bank can assist with them in this process.

Choose some of the additional functionalities best suited for your business:

Cash Back service at POS

This service allows your clients to withdraw cash from the POS, up to 150 lei/ transaction, when they pay with their Visa or MasterCard card in your store. The cash dispensed amount is automatically deducted from the cardholder's account and is credited in your company’s account at no additional fee.

Contactless acceptance

Through the new contactless technology such as Mastercard’s PayPass and Visa’s PayWave, clients can perform fast payments, for low value amounts (value established by the international organizations cards Visa or Mastercard; for example under 100 Lei in Romania) without PIN. It will be necessary to introduce the PIN code if the cumulative amount of previous consecutive contactless transactions exceeds the threshold of 150 Euro or equivalent. The contactless transactions performed at un unattended terminal located in European Economic Area for transportation ticketing or parking fees, and also those performed at a POS/terminal with contactless capability located outside European Economic Area are excepted;

MCI: Mastercard instalment payment services

You can perform instalment payments using Mastercard credit cards issued by other banks on UniCredit Bank POS’s for certain merchants from different industries (ex: fashion, retail, do it yourself).

MC: Multi currency

You can collect in multiple currencies the value of products and services offered (ex: travel agencies, rent a car or hotels/hostels).

Enjoy a solution that really suits you, whether your business already has a website you are still developing or a complex website with which you deal with large volumes.




3DS payments


in online and social network


Plug and Play integration or shopping cart options



advanced transactions verification


management with a mobile application 


modular solution allowing rapidity in integration


Our modular e-Commerce solution, based on innovation, is specially created for you and your needs.

The two modules, eGenius and eGeniusWEB help you to grow your business regardless of type and its level, as you want every day.


eGenius e-Commerce module is the solution adapted to your business, simple to integrate with the most used shopping carts and ready to support its sustainable growth.

With eGenius it is easier to enjoy many benefits as follow:    

  • API integration - or plug and play integration with the most used shopping carts.
  • Dedicated support for you and your business for fast and efficient integration;
  • Secure payments through 3DSecure;
  • The possibility to check at any time you want the transactions without making the buying process difficult;
  • An advanced, flexible and intuitive monitoring platform that can generate complex reports and provide easy integration with accounting solutions.

eGeniusWEB e-commerce module is the ideal solution for start-ups and growing businesses. It is provided with innovative features that can help you build the foundations for a stable and sustainable growth. In addition, it has a predefined website template that allows you to customize things as you wish.

With eGeniusWEB you enjoy many benefits as follow:

  • The possibility to check at any time you want the transactions without making the buying process difficult, including from the dedicated mobile application;
  • Integrated share option on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter);
  • Integrated website, which only needs to be personalized and updated with your products without development costs, simple and fast;
  • Plug and play integration with the most used shopping carts;
  • Dedicated support for you and your business for fast and efficient integration;
  • Secure payments through 3DSecure;
  • The option of issuing electronic invoices and sending them by e-mail.
Commissions and payment acceptance rules
  • For additional information & fees and commissions, you can contact us at or through your Relationship Manager.


Look for the following 3D secure logos:

UniCredit Bank’s E-Commerce service accepts payments from cards embossed with the following logos: 

Spinning wheel animation


UniCredit Logo