The international network

UniCredit Group benefits from a growing international presence, both on the Western European markets and on the Eastern markets, making our Bank one of the largest in Europe.

UniCredit is a top European commercial bank, with an international network covering 17 countries in Europe and 50 financial markets.

The EEC Private Banking Division services 9 European countries, providing its clients with international exposure with regard to specific products and services.

International cooperation with Schoellerbank Austria

Schoellerbank, a traditional bank of the Austrian Private Banking, enjoyed recognition since its establishment in 1833, by means of competence and services provided in the management of financial needs of clients for the management of their assets.

Schoellerbank specialises in the active management of investment portfolios. The varied range of products and services it provides facilitates the provision of financial solutions customised according to the customers’ risk profile.

  • The Schoellerbank approach: Holistic counselling
  • Diverse offer which reaches multiple points of interest for the clients
  • "Summa cum laude ELITE", one of the best banks in Private Banking.
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