Savings accounts

You have full access to your savings that we manage safely.
The more funds you save in this account, the more interest you will receive.


  • Available in lei and euros;
  • The minimum amount required to open a savings account is 3000 lei or 1000 euros;
  • Instant access to your savings, so you can put in money whenever you like, at any time, with any amount deposited or transferred from your bank account;
  • The interest is calculated on the daily balance of the savings account and it can be capitalized monthly or transferred into your current account; 
  • You can manage your savings account in any branch of the bank, as well as remotely by using BusinessNet or telephone service. The transfers between your savings account and your current account opened in UniCredit Bank are free of charge.


  • 0 commission for opening, maintenance and cancelation of the savings account;
  • 0 commission for transfers between your savings account and your current account opened at UniCredit Bank;
  • Flexibility: you can withdraw money at any time from your savings account, until you are left with the minimum amount required or even less, with a 3 days notification, without losing the interest accumulated by that time.
  • Attractive interest as long as the minimum amount required is exceeded.

The Savings accounts opened at UniCredit Bank are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund. The maximum guaranteed amount per client, per bank is the lei equivalent of 100,000 euros.

Interest rates

Savings account with variable interest (% per year)
Savings account (interests are calculated by tranche) Tranche RON EUR
<3.000 RON / <1.000 EUR 0,01 0,01
3.000 RON / 1.000 EUR – 30.000 0,05 0,05
30.001 - 300.000 0,1 0,1
>300.001 0,2 0,15


How does the interest by tranches apply to my Savings account?

The amount of money from the total deposit that exceeds the tranche limit benefits from the interest rate correspondent to the next tranche.

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