Global investment strategy

Through a process of allocation which takes into account asset classes, customers have the opportunity to diversify their holdings globally in order to optimize investments. We intend to maintain the client at the center of our activities, to have a prompt and transparent communication about market evolution and about investment opportunities.

Relevant information underlies any decision. Our team of experts examines a variety of internal and external financial sources in order to offer relevant information in the investment process. The result of our experts' assessment is included in our analysis, which makes part of a prompt and transparent communication, including a monthly publication - Market Compass, on the evolution of the market and existing investment options.       

Investment Global Strategy

Our offer is the result of a daily analysis, both qualitative and quantitative. In this analysis, we rely on the economic research capacity of UniCredit Group, as well as on other sources, such as market information, research and trends in the global business world of our external network.

Our Global Investment Strategy (GIS ) - developed by a team of over 50 investment experts with experience in the European market - is based on our global and independent perspective.

Independent perspective

It is our responsibility to offer our clients an independent perspective on capital markets and asset classes.

Global perspective

Our strategy and research teams constantly evaluate the investment market to provide reliable information to our clients.

The result of our experts' assessment is included in our analysis, Market Compass, which offers information for safe navigation on the capital markets.

UniCredit Private Banking team mentions 9 fundamental principles:

1. Combating inflation

2. Planning for long-term needs

3. Defining financial personality

4. Holistic view on financial resources

5. The importance of asset allocation

6. The importance of portfolio diversification

7. Nothing is free!

8. Discipline!

9. Investment instruments must be understood by customers

In 2013, UniCredit Private Banking CEE has signed a collaboration agreement with Morningstar, whereby our clients gain access to the reports and information generated by the investment research firm.

Analyses are done through internal specialists and by consulting Morningstar data libraries, including the assessment of the macro economic framework and careful assessment of the products in the local offer closer to customers and communities in which we operate.

We rely on UniCredit Group's specialists and also on a series of collaborations with an important high added value in order to provide clients detailed and useful market research.

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