Safer transaction instructions

Dear Client, 

  • Online Banking transaction access and signing can occur only by using a security code generated by the Digipass device or by the Mobile Token application;
  • You cannot use the same access code for access to and the signing of a transaction;
  • Security codes are valid for only 30 seconds from the moment they are generated;
  • The Digipass device or Mobile Token application can be operated only by entering a PIN;
  • Communication with the bank occurs via a secure https technology and 256 bits for optimal security and a high level of privacy;
  • Online Banking application access instances may be notified by e-mail as a means of monitoring;
  • The use of an exclusive safety image when you access the application on a new computer.
  • Mobile Token is a banking application installed on your smartphone, with which you generate security codes that you will use to access Online Banking. 
  • You won’t have to worry about another safety device you have to take with you. Your smartphone is always with you.

Best regards,

UniCredit Bank

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