Account overview

All your accounts can be accessed here


All payments start with the Pay Button

Spending Analysis

All your spendings are categorized and vizualized

Savings Goals

A tool to help you save the money you need

Step 1. Show accounts

Click “Show accounts” on the homepage to see a list of your accounts and liquidities.

Step 2. Banking section

Here you can see details about each account: due amount with installments, minimum due amount, available balance.

Step 3. Account details

Click each account to see the attached debit cards and to access request forms and useful links.

Step 4. Transaction history

For the selected account, you can see the booked, pending or rejected transactions. Click a transaction for complete details.

Step 5. Account statement

Click “Data export” on the upper side of the transaction list. To see more transactions, click “Show search”.

Step 1. Make a payment

Press PAY for every type of payment, fill in the mandatory fields and press “Proceed”.

Step 2. Add details

Processing date, urgent processing, suplimentary details. To continue, press “Proceed to sign”.

Step 3. Review payment

You can edit or delete this payment or other payments

Step 4. Authorize payment

Sign with the token or, if you use mobile token, scan the QR code

Step 5. Define FastPay templates

Define templates so you can make recurring payments easily!

Step 1. Initiate payment

Click PAY and select the account you want to make the payment from.

Step 2. Choose beneficiary

In the “Beneficiary” field, write the name of the utility supplier or click “Show utility partner” and select the icon of the beneficiary you want to pay.

Step 3. Add details

Enter the amount, processing date and other details as requested by the utility partner. To continue, click “Proceed to sign”.

Step 4. Reuse payment

Name the payment to reuse it later and save it as a FastPay template.

Step 5. Authorize payment

Sign with your token or, if you use mobile token, scan the QR code.

Step 1. Borrowing section

Select BORROWING from the menu for details about your credit cards, cash loans and mortgage loans. 

Step 2. Cash and mortgage loans

Click each loan for full information, forms and reimbursement plan.

Step 3. Credit cards

Click each credit card for complete information, forms and transactions history. Here you can see booked, pending and rejected credit card transactions. 

Step 4. Investing section

Select INVESTING from the menu for information about your savings accounts and term deposits.

Step 5. Savings accounts

Click “Show Details and Useful Forms” to see more about your personal saving goals attached to the account. Below, you can see the list of transactions made from the savings account.

Step 6. Term deposits

In the “Term deposits” section, you can see full information about the  ongoing deposits and transaction history. Here you can also open a new term deposit.

Step 1. Direct Debits

Select the option Direct Debit from the drop down list and press on “Create new “ in order to initiate a new Direct Debit mandate.

Step 2. Direct Debit Details

Select the beneficiary, choose the start and end day of the mandate,  fill the necessary details (eg.: Amount, Client  Account, Subscriber number etc) and press the button “Pay now”.

Step 3. Standing Orders

Select  the option  Standing Orders from the drop down list and press on “Create new” in order to initiate a new standing order.

Step 4. Standing Orders Details

Choose the Standing Order type, beneficiary, amount, start and end  day of  the standing order, frequency and the details of the payment and press  the  button “Pay now”.

Step 1. Access the appropriate section

Click on the BANKING button in the menu and see your account transaction history.

Step 2. Spendings categories

Some spendings are automatically classified. You can recategorize them or you can manually set uncategorized transactions.

Step 3. Split transactions

Click on "Split" in order to split a transaction into several product and service categories.

Step 4. Manage your spendings

In the "Bugdet plan" area on the start page you can see an overview of your spendings and you can select a category and a period of time.

Step 5. Setup bugets for categories

Click on "Set a buget" in order to set a monthly amount for each product and service category.

Step 1. See your Goals

Access the “My Goals” section from the top menu or from the bottom of the homepage.

Step 2. Create a Goal

Click “Create a Goal” and enter the name, deadline end day and total sum amount, and the monthly contribution is calculated automatically. Save the Goal.

Step 3. Save easily

You can create a standing order to transfer the monthly contribution from your current account into the savings account associated with the Goal. Click «Pay» and sign the payment.

Step 4. Reach your Goal faster

To complete your Goal before the deadline, click “Add money”, enter the desired sum amount  and sign the payment.

Step 5. Fulfill your Goal

If you reached your Goal faster, click «Fulfill». The sum amount left in the savings account can be transferred back into your current account.

Contact us!

Select the message symbol and click “Create new message”. Enter the title, the message to the bank and attach files if needed.

Message history

Click “Message history” to see the messages sent and received. You can search a message by date, subject, attachment or size.


Click the cog roller icon to see and change the settings for your Goals, the general settings and notification settings.


Click “Notification settings” to see your active notifications and add new ones, in case you want to be alerted about activity in your account, your current balance, term deposits or transactions.

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