What are my benefits?

Save money

ZERO administration fees and transfer fees to any bank in Romania through GeniusCont account.

Faster payments

Scan the barcode of your bills and pay with a single tap. 

Total control

Check right on the spot both the balance of your accounts and your transactions. Instant block/unblock your cards.

You are safe

You log in with a PIN you create, only known by you. If your phone allows it you can log in with your fingerprint.*


How to activate Mobile Banking?



What can I do within the app?

  • SELF ACTIVATION in case you change/reset/lose your mobile phone; see here the self activation process;
  • CHECK the balance of your accounts; 
  • PAY utility bills to agreed providers; see here how you can quickly pay your bills;
  • RECEIVE free push notifications for current or savings accounts transactions;
  • SEE the details of your cards in your electronic wallet;
  • BLOCK/UNBLOCK your debit and credit cards;
  • CHANGE card limits for ATM withdrawals, POS and Online payments; 
  • REPAYMENTS for your credit card;
  • EXCHANGE currency for your vacation;
  • TRANSFER different amounts in lei;
  • OPEN TERM DEPOSITS with better interest rates than those in a branch
  • CANCEL pending payments;
  • SETUP BUDGETS and track monthly expenses;
  • CREATE personal goals;
  • LOCATE the nearest UniCredit branch or the nearest Unicredit ATM. 



Enjoy digital benefits


  • Better interest rate*: +1 percentage interest point on RON deposits made through Mobile and Online Banking.
  • Happy Hour Exchange Rate*: Through which you can make currency exchanges at BNR’s exchange rate, for up to 1000 EUR/transaction/day.
  • Cashback for utility bills payment*: 10 lei Monthly for minimum 3 bills payments/month.

* Facilities offered within the GeniusCont Benefit Program. Exchange rate published by the NBR - the exchange rate calculated and published by the National Bank of Romania, every bank day, at 13 o'clock, based on foreign exchange quotes.

How safe is to make payments through Mobile Banking?

Just like when you keep your money under the mattress, but a bit safer.

  • You can only access the service from the device (smartphone/tablet) you initiate the app
  • You log in with a PIN code or your fingerprint
  • You’re the only one who knows your PIN code
  • Each transaction is approved* in the system with a token code uniquely generated by introducing your PIN code
  • You can approve a payment of up to 800 RON or corresponding amount with only your fingerprint
  • The app disconnects after 3 minutes of inactivity

For advanced users: information transmission between UniCredit Bank and the app is encrypted with the security protocol TSS 1.2 running on 256 bits.

Good to know

*You must keep in mind these following rules before you choose to log in with digital fingerprint scanning:

  • this option is available for smartphones using iOS or Android compatible depending on their technical characteristics.
  • once you’ve opted for this login method, your smartphone will allow you to use any digital fingerprint stored in its memory, so it is safer to use additional security checks, in order to protect your smartphone from unauthorized access . Also we recommend that you never save other people fingerprints in your phone’s memory.
  • The smartphone`s specific technology that allows for digital fingerprint scanning it is NOT developed by the Bank, and so the Bank does not make itself responsible, nor does it offer any declaration or guarantee according to the security or the functioning of said technology, as the smartphone producer that promotes it would.
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