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  • Withdraw cash card less from UniCredit Bank’s ATMs and Self Service machines (BNA)


You want to withdraw cash, but you forgot your wallet home? You ran out of cash and you don’t have your card? That’s not a problem anymore.
It’s highly improbable to forget your phone home, so now you can withdraw cash from UniCredit Bank’s ATMs and Self Service machines (BNAs) only with your phone using our new option from the Mobile Banking application: mCash.

What are the mCash benefits?





You generate the codes directly from Mobile Banking app which allows the authentication and operations’ authorization in high security conditions (including using your biometric data).




You receive Push notifications each time your code is used or it expires. Moreover, you can cancel anytime the generated code, directly in the application.



Forget about the wallet, cards, PIN codes. You always have your phone at hand and you can withdraw cash anytime you want from your current accounts.



You have 0 costs for any MCASH code withdrawal until 31.05.2021 to discover how easy it is to withdraw money with mCash.

How does mCash function?

  • You authenticate in Mobile Banking application and access the option: mCash   gift

  • You select the current account you want to withdraw Lei from, specify the amount (multiple of 10) and the authorize the transaction;

  • The application displays the generated code in QR (matrix bar code) format, that can be scanned at cash machines equipped with optical reader, and also in numeric format, that can be used at the cash machines equipped only with keyboard;

  • Go to a UniCredit Bank cash machine (ATM or BNA), scan or type the withdrawal code and confirm the transaction using the operation’s PIN code.

Important! The cash withdrawal codes won’t be shared to third parties.

What you should know?


  • Through mCash you can withdraw only Lei;

  • You can generate codes only from your current accounts, except Junior account;

  • The codes have 24H validity;

  • You can withdraw maximum 2,000 Lei/transaction and maximum 4,000 Lei/day;

  • You can generate only one code at a time, code that will be visible in the application until its usage/expiry/cancel;

  • The mCash code generation is automatically debiting your account and, in case of code’s expiry or cancelling, the amount  is returned in the same account;

  • You can generate codes in the working days between 07.00 and 22.00 and Saturday, Sunday and legal days at any hour;




Note: excepting branches, where, outside working hours, access to cash withdrawal terminals, in non-stop areas, is possible only using a phisical card.

You don’t have Mobile Banking, yet? 

Get the app with zero administration fee and be the expert of your money!

In case you need assistance when activating the app, call InfoCenter available non-stop at +4021.200.2020 (regular fee in Telekom Romania landline) or *2020 (regular fee in Orange, RCS&RDS, Telekom Romania and Vodafone mobile networks) and our colleagues will offer you support. 


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