I trust my plans for the future

Savings account in Lei

  • 1,5% BONUS interest applied to the increase of the account balance


When you want to take the first step towards the future you dream of, you need support. This is where your savings come in, for which we prepared an advantageous offer.


Between 25.05.2020 – 25.08.2020, the savings account in Lei keeps the same flexibility, but brings new benefits also:

1,5% BONUS interest, in addition to the standard interest of 0.4%. All you need to do is to put some money aside.


Happy Hour UniCredit BankOpen the account

For example, using the Mobile Banking app, you can open a savings account in Lei fast and easy, without costs and minimum opening amount.

Unul dintre cele 50 de premii de 1.000 LeiIncrease the balance

Bring money in the savings account in Lei, during the campaign.

Happy Hour UniCredit BankStart to save:

Every day the offer is active is in your benefit.

Happy Hour UniCredit BankWe reward you:

Monthly, for the period your saving account balance is higher than its balance at the beginning of the campaign. You also receive a BONUS interest of 1.5%, in addition to the standard one.

We also trust your plans for the future. So, we know how important the savings are.

Campaign period: 25th of May – 25th of August 2020

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