easily and quickly

6 months digital deposit in Lei

Save for your plans
with an annual interest rate of 2.6%
using your Mobile or Online* Banking


Where do you see yourself in the future?

Your plans take shape more smoothly when you have some savings. 

Save with the 6 months digital deposit in Lei, and make sure that you fulfill your wishes, for you and your loved ones.

You can easily open a 6 months digital deposit in Lei using Mobile or Online* Banking!

Discover the advantages of a 6 months digital deposit in Lei!

Happy Hour UniCredit Bank

2.6% annual interest for newly established 6 months deposits** in Lei

Make sure of the following in order to benefit from the offer:

  • Deposit or transfer at least 10,000 Lei into your current account and open a 6 months term deposit in Lei via Mobile or Online* Banking between October 22nd, 2021 - January 31st, 2022. Deposits opened for the first time during the campaign are eligible.
  • The minimum amount is 10,000 Lei / per deposit, and the maximum cumulative amount is 1,000,000 Lei.
  • The money does not come from other deposits held at UniCredit Bank at the start of the campaign.


  • Dobanda depozite UniCredit Bank

    You can open the deposit quickly and easily through Mobile or Online* Banking.

  • Open the deposit as simple as possible through Mobile or Online* Banking, the applications that you securely use to do banking anywhere, anytime.
  • Also, you can quickly transfer money into your Lei account from UniCredit, from accounts opened at other banks. All you have to do is access the "Add money"*** feature from Mobile Banking, and after that you can set up a new 6-months deposit in Lei.
  • See the Campaign regulations here.



    Enjoy the digital benefits!


    Use Mobile or Online* Banking and perform banking operations from anywhere, anytime, in complete safety. In addition, you enjoy digital advantages.

    Besides deposits with advantageous interest rates, you have Happy Hour Exchange****.

    You can make a foreign currency exchange LEI-EUR, LEI-USD, EUR-LEI, USD-LEI through Mobile or Online* Banking, at the rate published by the NBR, every working day, between 13:15 and 14:15, up to a limit of one transaction of 1000 EUR / day (or equivalent in EUR at the NBR exchange exchange rate).



    *Online Banking - Internet banking service.

    **The interest of 2.6% / year is valid for the first six months. After that, at the time of the automatic extension, the interest granted by the Bank will be the one active on the extension date, and that is displayed in the list of Commissions and interest rates of the Bank, shown at the Bank's branches, and available in the Useful Documents section.

    ***The minimum amount for a transfer is 50 Lei, and the maximum amount is 12,000 Lei; You can make a maximum of 5 transfers per month in the total amount of 30,000 Lei.

    ****Feature offered within the GeniusCont - Happy Hour Exchange Rate Benefit Program. Exchange rate published by the NBR - the exchange rate calculated and published by the NBR every banking day, at 13:00, based on foreign exchange market quotations.

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