GeniusCont with income collection

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  • EUR current account

    You can make transactions easily and have access to several types of debit cards for foreign payments.

    LEI 4.49 / monthly

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  • Info SMS

    You will receive SMS with details about transactions and changes to your account balance. The price is for 5 monthly SMS.

    LEI 4.49 / monthly

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  • Credit card

    Make transactions with your UniCreditCard Principal, from UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN SA and you can get up to 100 lei/month in loyalty points.

    LEI 4.17 / monthly

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  • ERGO Klar accident insurance

    Currently this product is not available

    LEI 0 / monthly

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  • Savings account

    You can make savings, and when you decide to use the money, you will not lose the interest.

    LEI 0 / monthly

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  • RITM Investment plan

    Choose to periodically invest moderate amounts of money in mutual funds, by automatic debiting your current account.

    LEI 0 / monthly

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GeniusCont with income collection 0 LEI

  • EUR current account - LEI

  • Info SMS - LEI

  • Credit card - LEI

  • ERGO Klar accident insurance - LEI

  • Savings account - LEI

  • RITM Investment plan - LEI

Total 0 LEI

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Important information

  • Besides the benefits listed above, if you apply for an Acquisition/Construction Loan, minimum down payment needed is 20% for loans up to 20 years.
  • The prices in EUR are estimated in LEI, according to the average annual NBR exchange rate from 2016.
  • The Info SMS fee is 0.2EUR/SMS and is charged with each SMS received.
  • The maintenance fee of the UniCreditCard Principal credit card offered by UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN SA is charged annually. See other costs specific to the credit cards according to the Fees and Commissions Annex.
  • For the interest rates regarding savings accounts, please consult the Commissions and Interests for Private Individuals products
  • The price for the RITM investment plan is the monthly price of the automatic debiting of you GeniusCont. Before requesting the RITM investment product, please consult the Information before investing into UniCredit Bank distributed mutual funds.

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