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Savings Plan

From the monthly salary, we pay first and foremost: bills, mortgage, we let aside money required for regular spending, and, if anything is left, we save.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we end up with nothing!

With the savings plan from UniCredit Bank, you save as if you paid your most important bill: a bill you have issued yourself and whose beneficiary are 100% YOU!

By paying yourself first and foremost, in a short time you will have a nice amount of money either for a specific purpose or simply to SAVE MONEY!


  • SIMPLE: From your monthly salary received through UniCredit Bank (or from any other funding of your current account), the amount of your choice is automatically transferred in your savings account. All you have to do is make sure that, on the due date, your current account holds the required amount. The minimum amount required to open (activate) the account is 500 lei, respectively 100 euros;
  • FLEXIBLE: Whenever you need money, you have access to the amount in this account, and all you lose is the last month interest;
  • PROFITABLE: Apart from the fact the bank helps you save a monthly amount of money, it provides you with a convenient interest which is capitalized.

What interest do I receive?

Interest rate (% / year)





Revenues representing interests resulting from savings instruments are subject to a 16% tax.

UniCredit Bank savings accounts are guaranteed through the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the banking system. The guarantee maximum limit is the lei equivalent of 100,000 euros perdepositor, per bank.

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