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I want to take care of my child's future

UniCredit Bank helps you with the efficient administration of the amounts dedicated to your child’s current and future needs.

I want my child to have the pocket money he/she needs and be able to use it safely. How can I do this?

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Junior Current Account in lei offers you the opportunity to give your child a Visa Electron debit card, free of issuance and administration fees, as well as Online B@nking service, free of administration fee, with the Mobile Token. Thus, you can offer him/her the possibility to manage the budget on his/her own and no need to always have cash on him/her.

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I want my child's future to be assured; I want him/her to receive the best education and the best living conditions. How can I do this?

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We know it is important that your child receives only what is best, ranging from his basic needs up to the most complex one. Therefore, we have created the Junior savings account in which you can save small amounts each month and in the currency of your choice (lei, euros or American dollars) for your child's future.

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