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Whether you want to make a dream come true or simply need help with some unexpected expenses when you don't have money in your account, we can offer you solutions anytime.

I want a new bicycle to ride to work during summer, but I also want to go on a vacation. How can I do everything I want to do?

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No matter what you have in mind, we are by your side with loans of up to 90,000 lei which you can obtain quickly and easily. Feel free to apply for a Personal Achievements Loan.

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I often exceed my revenues and I need more money on the short term for various purchases or even to pay bills.

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Whether you want to pay your current bills or you want to make an unexpected purchase, we can offer you a range of credit cards, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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My account is empty, but there are still things on my wish list which I don’t want to ignore. I need an extra revenue fast.

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With the Overdraft service, you can withdraw money straightaway and without other formalities amounts that exceed the available funds of your personal account – ranging from one salary, the minimum amount, to 6 salaries if your employer has signed a salary agreement with UniCredit Bank.

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