Do you want to move in your own home?

Whether you want to purchase a home with a mortgage loan or you want to apply for the First Home loan, we can provide full support to accomplish your dream.

It's time I became an owner - I want to buy my first home. What are my options?

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UniCredit Bank provides the financing solution that allows you to buy your dream home.

The First House Loan helps you buy the desired home in the best conditions: it's easier due to low downpayment, convenient interest rate, great flexibility, and approval period up to 90 days.

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Instead of paying rent, I’d rather pay an installment and move in my own home.

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We understand your desire for a new home, that will better suit your needs.

UniCredit Bank provides the financing solution that allows you to purchase a home with lower monthly installments, due to the extended loan period.

Everything is easier with the low downpayment, convenient interest rates, high flexibility and an approval period of up to 90 days.

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I’m looking for a house that I and my family can call our home. In order to purchase it, we will get a loan. Now we are all healthy and we are ok financially, but what can happen in the future if I won’t be able to pay the installments due to illness or accident?

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Life isn't always easy. The improbable can happen anytime. What we desire is to enjoy the things we have and live happily together with our loved ones. To help you when you can no longer pay your installments we provide the Life insurance meant to protect your family.

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My family and I are dreaming of finding the perfect home, in which we can grow old together. I want it to become a comfortable place for us. In case some unpredicted events occur, like earthquakes, I want to be sure that we will be able to resume our lives and go back to our beloved home.

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We want you to always enjoy the same level of comfort at home, regardless of unpredicted events. For this, we provide the Home insurance, so that you can go back to your normal life as before.

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