ERGO KLAR life insurance

ERGO Klar is a life insurance attached to your current account denominated in lei, opened within UniCredit Bank, that offers you protection in case of an accident. By contracting ERGO Klar, you or your family receive  an indemnity in case of un unexpected event. The key element of ERGO Klar is SAFETY.

ERGO Klar benefits:

  • Profitable – with a moderate monthly premium (5 lei), you can receive up to 27.000 lei in case the insured risk occurs;
  • Fast –once you have decided to opt for an ERGO Klar life insurance you can sign the necessary documents right in the UniCredit Bank branches. You are insured the day after you have signed the documents.
  • Easy - after signing the contract, your only preoccupation is to ensure the necessary amount of 5 lei, at the monthly due date (first working day of each month) in your current account.

Eligibility criteria

The insured person should fulfills the following eligibility and payment criteria:

  • Is aged 18 years at the signing date of the Insurance Request
  • is not registered at National Health Insurance House as a person with disability
  • accepts as unique payments method of the insurance premium, the direct debit of the current account denominated in lei, opened within UniCredit Bank 

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