Discover a world full of opportunities! It`s simple. Because from now on, everything adds up to flight ”miles”. First earn, then redeem and reward yourself!

Apply now for the Miles & More Gold Credit Card and benefit of:

Free flight tickets

Win premium miles for free flight tickets. We offer 3 prizes of 70.000 premium miles through lucky draw

Loyalty program – earn Miles & More miles

You get Double Welcome Bonus of 4.000 award miles and then 1 mile for each 5 LEI/1 EURO spent while shopping.

Business lounge Access

You benefit of one free entry in the MasterCard business lounge inside the International Henri Coanda Airport during the campaign.

Travel abroad Insurance

UniCredit Bank offers you a free insurance package in partnership with Axeria Assistance Limited. Insurance includes: travel accidents abroad, lost luggage or flight delays.

Promotion available during 20.10.2017 – 20.01.2018. Read the campaign terms & conditions here.

Flight awards are always exclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges. That means: In addition to the award miles required for the utilization of a flight award, you must additionally pay other taxes and charges, the respective payment surcharges payable to the airline companies and any service charges that may apply. More information regarding this are available on , in the Terms & Conditions section.

What is MasterCard Miles & More Gold Credit Card?

MasterCard Miles & More Gold Credit Card, with its contactless technology will be your partner in travels throughout the world, through which you will earn Miles & More premium miles with each payment. You receive 4.000 Miles & More premium miles during the campaign “The more I travel, the closer we grow” (20.10.2017 – 20.01.2018), starting with your first shopping session, then you will receive 1 Miles & More premium mile for each 5 LEI/1 EURO spent. Furthermore, if you activate contactless payments by calling our Info Center at 021 200 20 20, you can enjoy quick payments for purchases of up to 100 lei, for which you no longer need to insert your PIN code.

Our offer at a glance

With MasterCard Miles & More Gold card you can benefit from a credit limit of 4.000 up to 35.000 LEI, according to your income, available both in LEI and EURO. You can access to 100% of this amount for in-store shopping and 40% of this amount for ATM withdrawals.

The minimum reimbursement amount must be reimbursed on a monthly basis, composed of the following:

  • 5% of the amounts used in the transactional cycle (the period of time during which you can make transactions);
  • 100% interest and commissions;
  • 100% monthly installments with/without interest.

The grace period of maximum 56 days is valid only for retailers and utility payments and you can benefit from it if you reimburse the entire monthly minimum reimbursement amount until due date.

The interest rate varies according to the following formula: ROBOR 6 months 2,74% + bank margin 22%. ROBOR changes biannually, on June 30th and December 31st.

The card is valid for 36 months, with the possibility of renewal by signing an addendum if the Bank approves the renewal according to the eligibility requirements set by the Bank, according to legal and  NBR regulations.


You can opt for the automatic debit service for the monthly minimum reimbursement amount if you have a current account open at UniCredit Bank;

You can set your own PIN code at any UniCredit Bank ATM or by a simple call to Info Center. 


You can benefit from a free of charge travel insurance offered by the Bank in partnership with Axeria Assistance Limited, provided you meet all the insurance terms and conditions available in the "Useful documents" section, as well as in any UniCredit Bank branch. The insurance attached to the card is free; its costs are covered by the Bank.

The Info SMS service offers you the possibility to take control over your expenses because you will receive a SMS anytime you perform transactions.

The 3D Secure service offers you safety for internet payments through the dynamic password, an unique code generated by the Bank for each online transaction and sent to you via SMS. 

Loyality program

Mile Miles & More

You receive 1 Miles & More mile for each 5 LEI / 1 EURO spent at retailers;

You receive 2.000 miles Miles & More at your first shopping session and during the campaign “The more I travel, the closer we grow” (20.10.2017 – 20.01.2018) you receive Double Welcome Bonus for 4.000 award miles;

With the credit MasterCard Miles & More Gold Card, miles do not expire if you make a minimum monthly transaction at retailers (which is not cancelled or returned) and if you have had the MasterCard Miles & More Gold Card for a minimum period of 3 months. If at least one condition is not fulfilled, miles will expire in accordance with the Miles & More terms and conditions. The mile expiration condition does not apply to the Frequent Travellers members, Senators and HON Circle, as long as they maintain their membership status. For additional details, please visit Miles and More.

Premium Offers Program

You can access the MasterCard Premium Offers Program, in which every payment with the card at partners will be a memorable experience, associated with a gift, discount or a priceless moment. Info at:;

Discounts at UniCredit Bank commercial partners. Details on:

Installments Payment Program

You can benefit from the Equal Installments Payment Program at our partner retailers. Visit for more details;

For purchases exceeding 100 lei from any retailer, you can opt, by calling Info Center, for the payment in equal installments with interest for a period of up to 36 months.

How much does it cost?

Miles & More LEI Miles & More EUR
Main card 200 LEI 37 EUR
Supplementary card 50 LEI 12 EUR
National POS/internet transaction 0 0
International POS/internet transaction 0 0
Cash Back POS transaction (cash request at POS) 1 LEU 1 LEU (ecq EUR)
ATM usage fee own network (including UniCredit Group network) 2%
ATM usage fee - national network 2% + 4 LEI 2% + 1 EUR
ATM usage fee - international network 2,5% + 7  LEI 2,5% + 2 EUR
Cash desk usage fee - own network 0 LEI 0 LEI
Cash desk usage fee - other network 2,5% + 7 LEI 2,5% + 2 EUR
Fee for quasi-cash transactions 2,5% + 7 LEI 2,5% + 2 EUR
Mini - statement at ATM - own network 0 LEI 0 LEI
Monthly activity report - duplicate 0 LEI 0 LEI
Balance enquiry at ATM - own network 0 LEI 0 LEI
Card blocking (electronically, temporary) 0 LEI 0 LEI
Card blocking (electronically, permanent) 10 EUR 10 EUR
Card replacement (lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, demagnetized) 20 LEI 5 EUR
Unjustified chargeback in Romania 12 LEI 3 EUR
Unjustified chargeback abroad 30 LEI 8 EUR
Card return in emergency cases abroad 50 EUR 50 EUR
Emergency card replacement abroad 150 EUR 150 EUR
Emergency cash disbursement abroad 100 EUR 100 EUR
Limit of transaction at POS (or internet)/ day 8000 LEI 2000 EUR
Limit of transaction at ATM/ day 8000 LEI 2000 EUR
Daily number of transactions to POS (or internet)/ ATM 10 10
Standard interest rate LEI/EUR 23,03% 13,73%
Penalty interest rate LEI/EUR 26,03% 16,73%
Interest rate for over credit limit LEI/EUR 40% 20%
Penality interest rate for over credit limit LEI/EUR 43% 23%

Calculation example

Calculation example: For a MasterCard Miles & More Gold Card with a limit of 5,367 lei, lending period 3 years, variable interest of 23.03% (comprised of ROBOR 6M, reviewable twice a year, on the 30th of June and 31st od December, and the 22% margin), the total payable amount is 7.708,22 lei, with APR of 33,28%. APR is calculated according to active regulations and is comprised of the annual interest, the annual maintenance fee of 200 lei, and the ATM national withdrawal fee of 2% + 4 lei. It is considered that the credit line is fully withdrawn, 40% cash and 60% payments at retailers; credit line is withdrawn at approval date and is reimbursed within the 36 months. On the due date, it is necessary to reimburse at least the minimum payment amount, consisting of: 5% of the amounts used during the transaction cycle, 100% interest and commissions (if applicable) and 100% monthly due installments with or without afferent interest. For example, for a payment transaction of 1,000 lei, the minimum due amount will be 65,73 lei if you do not opt for equal installments payment and 37,16 lei if you choose to pay in equal installments with fixed interest rate in 36 months. The example is informative and within the credit line limit approved by the creditor and monthly reimbursements.

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