Our employees

We are a team of nearly 3,000 colleagues, each with a professional perspective and experience to share.

We encourage diversity, especially since our activities  are achieved in a multicultural environment and in an atmosphere open to the exchange of ideas. 

One of our priorities is the career development of employees through:

  • Access to national and international positions within UniCredit Group;
  • Customized development and training programs, according to the individual development plans;
  • The use of "career maps" through which employees can plan their next steps in the organization;
  • Active involvement of direct managers in identifying and developing the potential of each employee,thus increasing their involvement and motivation.

Working environment

Internally, we want our employees to be able to identify themselves with the company values.

Externally, we want to be considered a company that people can trust. 

Therefore, we engage in various activities and projects to encourage conducts that observe our model values and create an atmosphere of transparency, aimed at the professional development of colleagues and a correct evaluation of their performance.

Internal and dialogue forum

We encourage involvement and dialogue between our employees by:

  • Developing the ability to listen and provide solutions for various requirements of people involved in diverse social projects and providing opportunities for an open forum of discussions and exchange of views;
  • Opening lines of communication and providing opportunities for meetings between executive management and employees  so they can share information about the Groups activities.


  • People Survey - Your Voice, Our Future - organized by UniCredit Group. Starting in 2003, we conducted regular surveys among employees to listen to our people and to encourage their personal involvement in the bank. The survey is a tool to assess the perception of belonging to the Group and the levels of committment and assumptions, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses and the choice of priority interventions for the envisaged improvements.
  • Pulse Check – Your Opinion Counts - locally organized for UniCredit Bank employees and aimed at obtaining an up-to-date image of bank employees pulse. Our employees’ feedback has helped us,  create and implement various initiatives designed to increase employee motivation!
  • Internal publication of job vacancies. The internal recruitment website informs our employees on vacancies within the organization through the intranet portal and provides them with the opportunity to apply for the position they are interested inaccording to their professional development plans.

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