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Leading European Group. International collaboration. You choose what suits you.

We know it's important for you to gain working experience and apply the things you learn in a real life business environment, all this while still in college. This is why we help you transition to the business environment by offering you access to our European experience, our dynamic work environment, our diverse culture that encourages individual differences, as well as our top professionals' know how.

You can choose whatever suits you best out of our programs: national and international internships, leadership and personal motivation sessions, as well as workshops.

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National Internships

An internship is a program dedicated to students that want to go through a professional experience. The program takes place over a period of minimum three weeks and entails activities in one of the bank's department. At students request, the internship can occur in branches on in our head office; access is possible in nearly all bank divisions. 

We are looking forward to your application, through a CV and a letter of intent via e-mail at

We are interested tot know in detail which are the reasons why you are interested in applying for an internship at UniCredit Bank. Please mention in the e-mail the period and city in which you can participate in the internship.

Local Internship Program

We are constantly looking to be close to the academic sector by implementing internship programs in various areas of the bank throughout the year.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to gain experience and understand the world of banking through a dynamic and structured internship program.

All you have to do is to send us your CV to

International Internship Program

Through the UniCredit & Universities Foundation, we sponsor an International Internship program dedicated to those that are interested in professional and personal development in a multinational company.

The 2014/2015 edition offers 3-months internships in Austria, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Hungary. 

for this edition, the application period is over.

More information regarding the program here

Local programs

We offer driven young professionals various instruments and opportunities. Our programs include technical trainings, emotional intelligence workshops, leadership debates with our top managers, practical sessions on real life business scenarios and coaching.

UniCredit Career Workshop

Are you a student in your final year and/or graduate that is looking for a job opportunity in the banking sector?

Then we are waiting for you at the UniCredit Career Workshop! This is a practical and interactive workshop hosted by experts in human resources, alongside senior managers within the bank.  

The program offers you an inside view, from the employer's perspective, of the way a young professional should manage his/her career and be successful at his/her desired job.

UniCredit Real Life Learning

Real Life Learning Workshop, or how to decide today where you'll be tomorrow, is developed by UniManagement, UniCredit's learning center, and is offered to students ever since 2008 in most of the countries where the Group is present. This is a workshop about emotional intelligence, leadership and entrepreneurship, personal excellence, as well as professional motivation. The workshop is organized for up to 25 participants that, alongside one or two UniCredit facilitators, will be involved in roleplays, individual and group excercises. Real Life Learning helps participants profoundly understand the responsibility they have by making decisions that will impact their future. 

Do you want to invest in your development? Find out if your university is our partner or create a group of up to 25 of your colleagues and ask for a UniCredit Real Life Learning workshop by sending an e-mail at

UniCredit Let’s Be Practical

A practical workshop about pratical things in a leading European bank, in which participants get involved and debate over a real life scenario from UniCredit activity, presented by one of our experts. Students will exchange knowlegde within the group, as they are encouraged to openly contribute and apply the information learned in school in order to solve the given scenario. The workshop takes place at our partner universities' locations and it aims at filling the universitary curricula.

Successful people do what they enjoy. And they do practical things.

Are you interested in applying the information learned in college in real life scenarios? Find out if your university is our partner and join UniCredit Let’s Be Practical workshop by sending an e-mail at

Group level programs

You can start your career in the UniCredit Group by applying to the CIB International Graduate Program. This program addresses young graduates that wish to take a first step towards an European career at UniCredit Group, in the Corporate & Investment Banking division (CIB).

The program allows you to apply the theoretical information gathered in school, as well as to gain practical experience by attending workshops.

If you are interested in an European career, apply here.

The UniCredit Group helps young graduates that wish to continue their academic studies by offering them scollarships in the finacial-banking sector.

UniCredit & Universities Foundation

UniCredit & Universities Foundation offers annual scollarships and promotes aboad specialization of talented economic and financial-banking undergraduates and graduates in Europe.

The Foundation offers many scollarships and awards in the economic, banking, and financial sector, finances master and doctoral courses, research projects or post-doctoral research programs. Through the UniCredit & Universities Foundation, undergraduates and graduates can benefit from:

  • Scollarships for studies continuance - designed for students that attend economic, banking or finacnial universities and that desire to continue their studies through a masters or doctoral program abroad;
  • Scollarships and awards for research projects - offered to the best economic and financial-banking post-doctoral papers;
  • Initiatives in partnership with universities.

More information on the UniCredit & Universities Foundation website. 

As a leading European bank, we promised to develop our people, train them to be the best professionals, as well as to offer the young generation the perspective of a successful career in the banking sector, in Romania and abroad.

We partipate at different events to meet and get to know the best of you, our potential colleagues in the UniCredit Bank team.

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