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Leading European Group. International collaboration. You choose what suits you.

Part of a leading European group, UniCredit Bank invests in leaders, as well as in specialists, and encourages their creativity and innovation by supporting them each step of the way.

With us you can learn and develop your career both nationally, and internationally.

This way, we are sure that together we will achieve our mission - that is to offer real benefits and solutions to our clients.

Learning is an experience that lasts a lifetime and that is essential to personal and professional development. Within UniCredit Bank, we offer our employees various opportunities and learning instruments in order to develop their careers, while taking into consideration their needs.

Technical courses

Together with our specialists, we create and deliver technical courses that address our employees’ needs for technical knowledge development.

Soft skills courses

These are courses meant for personal development that complete the required technical skills. The soft skills curricula is diverse, so it will cover a wide range of necessary day-to-day abilities.

Managerial programs and initiatives

One of our objectives is to build and develop a management culture in UniCredit Bank. Therefore, it’s a priority for us to develop the managerial and leadership abilities of current managers, as well as to train the potential managers.


UniQuest is the Group's international talent development program designed to identify and develop young professionals coming from all across UniCredit Group. The program represents a “journey of innovation and learning” in which attendees have to manage and finalize real business projects, thus developing their leadership skills and gaining a broad perspective of the business.


Mentoring is a developmental relationship where the "Mentor" (an experienced employee, empathic and with a good reputation) provides the "Mentee" with guidance in making significant career transitions by broadening the Mentee's knowledge, perspectives and mindset. 


Coaching is a flexible process where the “Coach” supports the “Coachee” (the beneficiary of the entire process) to get to know and understand himself/herself better, to examine his/her values and motivation, as well as to identify solutions to his/her personal or professional issues. The objective is to guide the Coachee to perform at his/her maximum efficiency level, while taking into consideration the Coachee’s potential, abilities and attitude, overcoming possible obstacles.

Red Library

The Red Library represents a place dedicated to individual study, where our colleagues have access to books from various domains: economics, communication, coaching, personal growth, leadership and management. Also audio books are available.

Online learning

The online learning platform offers our colleagues both technical and soft skills courses from various domains, for different training levels.

Here at UniCredit Bank, we invest in the professional development of our employees; this is why we offer challenging opportunities to further studies. Among the actions are the UniCredit MBA program and the Master in Corporate Investment Banking.

More details here. 

When it comes to nationalities, UniCredit is the most diversified banking group in Europe. On one hand, cultural diversity contributes to encouraging innovation, sustaining our values, and on the other hand, to developing the next generation of leaders. This is the reason why the international mobility of our colleagues is very important to us, because it represents an opportunity of an accelerated professional development.

In the UniCredit Group we consider that you cannot be successful on the international market if the leaders and key employees work in just one place or in the “key” countries. The big picture and global thinking represent essential elements to us, and the best way to achieve and develop them is through an international career.

Maximizing our employees’ potential is a constant process and this is why international mobility is a strong point in developing our team.

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