Do you need funding for your project financed through EU programs?

We support your project implementation by providing you with all of the necessary products and services essential to your project. We provide advice regarding reimbursements by the authorities, aid businesses in identifying innovative financing and guarantee as well as identifying the best solutions for project financing strategies.

I want to apply for project funding from the European funds. What steps must I take before the submission and approval of the project?

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In order to submit the project for approval, we invite you to collaborate with us from the start. Whether your project is a simple one (acquisition of equipment and machines) or a complex one (investment in buildings / production halls, acquisition of production lines and machinery and specialized equipment) we support you through specialized products and services.

If you submit a project that requires authority /co-financing funding abilities, we can help you issue a letter of comfort. If you have your own resources, we can help you create an account statement to demonstrate your funding/co-financing capabilities.   

Upon receiving the grant, we can help you open dedicated accounts for both pre-financing and future reimbursements from the authorities. If you have completed the project preparation steps, consider your funding options here

I have already applied for funding and my project was approved. What's next?

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In order to begin your project, we can offer you a complete financing package.

We can approve project financing before you finish the procurement and selection of suppliers from the project, as well as approve and offer you banking facilities after the supplier’s selection of the project.

We can help you with guarantee letters under which you may receive pre-financing from the authorities, financing to compensate for the gap until you receive the non reimbursable funds from the authorities, as well as financing the non-eligible costs from the project.  

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