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We help you manage your company's transactional needs

We support your business at any level of its development and we've designed customized solutions fit for every stage of growth.

I want a customized package for my company that provides me with the exact products and services needed to quickly and safely manage my business.

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From startups to freelancers, from professionals to NGOs, from SMEs with basic needs to SMEs with complex needs, we provide efficient and innovative banking solutions that help you safely manage and develop your business.

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I prefer checking my company’s accounts and making payments directly from my computer without having to go to the bank.

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From controlling the Bank over the Internet using our BusinessNet service to using cash from UniCredit ATMs, our bank is at your disposal 24 / 7 to help you quickly and securely complete any transaction.

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To provide my customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience, I would like to install services that allow my clients to pay by card. What options do I have?

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We recommend the POS service. This service allows you to electronically cash in purchases and accept payments from any of the following card brands: Visa, MasterCard or AmEX. Thus, you offer your buyers an alternative, safe, and convenient method of payment and build a long lasting relationship with them.

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