Do you want to open an account or manage your business abroad?

UniCredit can help you manage your business in multiple countries and in multiple currencies. We are proud to note that among Romanian banks we provide our customers with the most diverse number of currencies and give them access to various settlements including the Renminbi currency available through Chinese bank accounts.

It’s time to expand my business outside of the country; however, I need to make sure that I can safely and easily manage my accounts and operations from any location before I can put my plans into action.

Cont Cross Border

Our banking network, a pan-European leader with more than 7.000 branches, offers the most modern banking services in more than 17 countries. Through dedicated Cross Border Relationship Management, we organize customer banking relationships across borders and guarantee our clients the same quality of service regardless of location.

With the help of top experts and 4,400 global bank-partners, we always ensure the most innovative solutions for our clients.

We organized everything in the easiest way possible: local customer manager is the single point of entry across the entire UniCredit network.

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Today, as a supplier or producer involved in the supply or production of goods, turnkey projects and services locally or internationally you are dealing with a high degree of complexity and risk.

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UniCredit Bank's team, through its global network of correspondent banks, can offer direct support at any time and in any location. We can provide solutions for transactions of import and export through dedicated products and services such as bank guarantees, documentary credits and documentary collections sites.

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